Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

We all know that there are a number of components in a vehicle, which help a vehicle to move and carry loads. Among all of those components, precisely the most important part of a vehicle is its wheels. Wheels themselves contain various components, but wheel bearing is the main part of a wheel. Let’s have a glance at what wheel bearing is and how much will the wheel bearing replacement cost if it damages.

If we see more poetically then there is no wheel without wheel bearing, because wheel bearing is the only thing that helps any wheel to move. More specifically, the wheel bearings are a set of steel balls, which get wraps in a hollow metal ring. The main function of the wheel bearing is to cause comparatively very less friction while spinning. And how would you know if it gets damaged? It is simple whenever your vehicle’s wheels start making loud irritating sounds and there’s a lot of shakiness happening, then it’s the time to move on with your old wheel bearings and get it replaced with the new one. Especially when you’re purchasing a used tyre wheel, make sure to check it twice.

The wheel bearings of a vehicle have categorized into two parts, the front wheel bearings, and the rear wheel bearings. Sometimes you just have to change either one wheel bearing, or sometimes you’ve to change all of that at once. A good mechanic will let you know which wheel bearing needs to be changed and which not. 

Let’s starts with the wheel bearing replacement cost.

When is the time to change the Wheel Bearing?

If you’re getting a full auto body repair of the vehicle then the mechanic will change the wheel bearings. But sometimes the wheel bearings get damaged in the middle of the road, or in between your journey, so here’s the guide to know when your wheels need new bearings.

Vibration of Steering Wheels:- 

Vibrations of steering wheels occur due to various reasons, most common reasons are unbalanced tires. But sometimes the vibrations of steering wheels are also caused by the bad state of wheel bearings. See how would know the difference between unbalanced tyre steering vibration or bad wheel bearing steering vibration? So the unbalanced tyre vibration only occurs at high speed but if you’re at low speed and your steering still vibrates then it’s probably because of the bad wheel bearings.

Uneven Wear of Tire:-

Since if any of your wheels is having a bad wheel bearing then the fitting of the particular wheel will also be affected. Because if any wheel has bad wheel bearings then that wheel will cause more vibration which will be different from other wheels. Also because of the uneven level of vibrations to all different wheels can cause loose wheels. Loose wheels cause different wheels to sit at their place very differently if compared to each other.

The humming and grinding sounds:-

This is the most common way to recognize a bad wheel bearing and people get to know immediately that it’s time to spend money on the wheel bearing replacement cost. The bad wheel bearing refers to more friction and more friction causes more sound. Be kind to your wheels whenever they start making noises. And take your vehicle to the nearest auto store.

More Wobbles in Wheels

Place a jack under each wheel and lift up your vehicle and try rotating the wheels back and forth, if you see wobble more than usual then it’s time. Also keep in mind that sometimes wheels bobble because of the uneven wheel alignment. Make sure to inspect very carefully before reaching any conclusion.

Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

During the replacement of the wheel bearings, there consist of several miscellaneous costs. The cost of replacement of wheel bearings depends upon the type of the vehicle or the assembly of the wheel bearing. There are different types of assembly of wheel bearing, know here:

Serviceable Hub Assembly

This is the least costly way to replace a wheel bearing. This is very cheap because it is very simple, the mechanic only has to take out the old bearing and replace it with the new wheel bearings. Because there is very little labor, the cost is proportionally low.

Non Serviceable Hub Assembly

Most of the modern cars now come with wheel bearings attached to the hub. And if you want to replace any wheel bearing which is like it then it costs you much more than the serviceable hub assembly. Because in this assembly the whole wheel hub gets replaces, which is even more complex. The expenditure on non-serviceable hub assembly is totally dependent on what type of vehicle you’re using. 

Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

All of the above discussions about the wheel bearing replacement cost, or the factors that someone needs to know while replacing a wheel bearing, imply that the cost varies from car to car and vehicle to vehicle. If you want to know the actual wheel bearing replacement cost. Then you’ve to confirm it from your local mechanic or local service centers of the particular brand of the vehicle. Although we suggest you only go to a local mechanic only if you know their work for a very long time. Because there are several cases of the wrong wheel bearing set up all around the globe in which later become major accidents.

We mostly recommend you to visit the authorized service centers. As in service centres, there are professional mechanics of the particular brand or sometimes of the particular vehicle also.

Always remember that the cost of wheel bearing replacement is always higher in sports cars, luxury cars or trucks.  

If we look at the average wheel bearing replacement cost, then it’ll be around $60-$150. This is the average cost of wheel bearing replacement. It varies from the different vehicle types, how much labor costs you are paying. If we look at the overall maximum charge that can be charged by any dealer that will be around $400-$800.

And also you can expect a replaced wheel bearing lifespan for around 85,000 miles – 100,000 miles.

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