BMW X6 M Engine

BMW X6 M Engine – Complete Guide

BMW is a major player in the automobile industry with a substantial share of automobiles around the world. The highest standards in its cars, along with full comfort, and sheer power have become a trademark of BMW. The X6 M is one of the most famous models of the X6 series. It has one of the most powerful BMW V8 engines. Let’s have a detailed look to find information about the BMW X6 M Engine. By using this information properly you will be able to make informed decisions related to this masterpiece from BMW.

Table of Content

  • BMW X6 M Engines Full Specifications 
  • Common Issues of X6 M and Resolutions
  • Maintenance Work of X6 M BMW Engine
  • Conclusion

BMW X6 M Engines Full Specifications

BMW X6 M Engines operate by use of new and advanced technology. If you are wondering about how BMW has manufactured such a powerful engine of X6 M we will let you know all the details about it. Powering the BMW X6 M engine is a 4.4 Liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an eight-speed M Sports automatic transmission. The motor pairs with the transmission to equally spread the power to all four wheels. The specifications of the engine that are responsible for the great power behind it without any hassles are as follows:

  • Engine Type: 4.4 Liter, Twin Turbo
  • Cylinder: V8
  • Displacement: 4395 cc 
  • Power: 423kW(567 hp) at 6000 RPM 
  • Torque: 750 Nm
  • Transmission: Eight-speed & automatic
  • Layout: front-engine with an all-wheel-drive

Let us now discuss the common issues of BMW X6 M and their resolutions for your convenience.

Common Issues of X6 M and Resolutions

Even though the BMW X6 M engine has excellent features, yet there are some problems that it faces. These problems sometimes lead to a damaged engine too. Let’s discuss these common issues with X6 M:-

Engine Oil Quality

Even though it’s a very minor issue of the BMW X6 M engine, still for better engine performance you should make sure to take care of it. There is a considerable decrease in engine efficiency as the engine oil burns constantly along with the passage of time. 


The engine oil needs frequent change based on your usage of the car and your driving habits. Also, it is always better to put quality engine oil in the car even if it is costly as in the long run it protects your BMW engine.

Overheating Of Engine 

Many times the BMW X6 M engine gets overheat due to excess heat inside the combustion chamber and also due to the usage of cheap quality coolant. This can lead to damage to the engine requiring a replacement. As prevention is always better than cure so the best thing is to always maintain your car regularly. Constant smoke from the engine and damage of engine parts, also less Fuel Efficiency is the result of overheating of the engine. 


For resolving this problem it is best to replace the parts damaged by heat and constant pressure. Also, it is always wise to choose the best coolant for the particular car engine. The coolants help in reducing the heat generated inside and also prevent the wear and tear of the parts of the X6 M engine. There is a considerable increase in engine efficiency as well. 

Leakage of the Valve Oils

The main function of valve covers is to save oil leakages inside the BMW X6 M engine. This oil is required by the engine for lubrication and combustion purposes. As there is too much heat along with pressure, it results in damage to the valve cover and leakage of X6 M valve oils. This problem is usually identified by the different disturbing noises coming out from the car engine. 


This problem can be fix by replacing the damaged parts like valves and pistons ring. As these parts are cheaper and also easily available it’s a good option to consider. A frequent checkup is still the need to find such problems. 

Damaged Parts of Engine

Due to high temperature and pressure, damage is done to the internal combustion engine. The parts of the engine like valves, pistons, and crankshaft get damaged as a result. Also, through more frequent vibrations, heat, along pressure, the wires are loosened causing major damage to the BMW X6 M engine. There are some common signs that confirm engine damage like high vibrations in the car while driving it, strange noises from the engine, smoke coming from the engine, etc.


For resolving the issue of damaged parts of the engine, some parts need to be replaced. Also, the addition of a high-quality coolant can keep the temperature inside to a minimum. Frequent coolant change is the need too. Mixing 50 % coolant along with water is beneficial for the high performance of the coolant. Regular cleaning of the engine also helps to drastically increase the overall efficiency of the X6 M engine. 

Fuel Leakage Problem

Fuel leakage is a common problem in the BMW X6 M engines especially when it gets older. Generally, the cause of this problem is the breakage of valves or pistons. Some parts of the X6 M engine can also break from other reasons due to which there is fuel leakage. It also results in very low efficiency and the power of the affected engine.


In order to resolve the issue of leakage of fuel the parts that lead to leakage can be replaced. Sometimes the leakage happens due to loose piston rings that can be tightened to fix the problem. You can also take your car to the nearest service station to get these things done by an experienced mechanic.

Maintenance Work of X6 M BMW Engine

The BMW X6 M Engine requires regular and proper maintenance. Any small issue needs to be properly fix to avoid any problem in the long run. Here are some important points that will help in proper car engine maintenance and will also save your money as well as time. 

X6 M BMW Engine Oil

The engine oil is one thing that needs to be replaced frequently. Use high-quality engine oil only to help in increasing the overall output power of the engine. 

X6 M Engine Coolant 

X6 M engine has a special coolant chamber for keeping the temperature inside low. As the combustion happens at a high temperature it sometimes causes abrasion of engine parts. To counter this, car engine coolant needs proper maintenance at frequent intervals.

Waste Removal

The engine needs thorough cleaning due to the combustion inside the chamber. Also, other eroded parts of the X6 M engine contribute to the waste. It’s very important from a maintenance point of view as it affects the performance of the car considerably.


To conclude the BMW X6 M is a good car engine to have in your BMW car. After discussing the full specifications, the most common issues, and maintenance work we are confident that you have got all the required information that you are looking for. For similar such readings please refer to BMW Alpina B7 Engine, BMW 840i Engine Model, BMW Active Hybrid 5 Engine – Full Guide.

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