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10 Best Transmission Oil For Car

Changing your car’s transmission oil is an important aspect of keeping it running smoothly. So here we will help you select the best transmission oils. Using the right kind of oils will keep your transmission running stronger and also extend its lifespan. Once you are done with this reading, you’ll have a fair idea about all the different products on the market right now for your attention. 

Like most of the other vehicle’s mechanical systems, a transmission also requires quality, consistent lubrication. It also has to be reliable and perform according to the specification of the manufacturer. 

Transmission oil is particularly important in automatic transmissions, where the fluid lubricates the transmission’s moving parts. It has to also provide the hydraulic pressure required to make gear changes smooth. Meanwhile, let us know about some of the best transmission fluids and additives that you can buy for the transmission of your vehicle. So here we list 10 best transmission oil for cars available in the market today:

1. Best Transmission oil – Mobil One Transmission Oils

Mobil 1 is used in a lot of popular cars around the world. Certainly, it is full synthetic-based that meets all the requirements of most cars. As a result, Mobil 1 provides outstanding resistance to oil deposits. In addition, it Improves transmission cleanliness. This oil is also recommended for all SUVs, SUTs, and vans/light trucks. So it comes in a pack of 6 x 1 bottles.


  • High viscosity
  • Full synthetic
  • Suitable for most cars
  • Good friction durability


  • Unsuitable for Dexron IV cars

2. Valvoline MaxLife Transmission Oils

Valvoline Maxlife is a multi-vehicle automatic transmission oil. Moreover, It is best suitable for different types of vehicle makes. In addition, it normally comes in a pack of one gallon and is a synthetic-based transmission oil. Moreover, Valvoline is best for all LV vehicles driven on roads. Also, there is a better oil flow even at high temperatures. This also contains cleaning additives and conditioners to avoid leakages.


  • Full synthetic
  • Include cleaning additive
  • Best for most popular cars
  • Works perfectly at the high degrees
  • Reduces friction considerably


  • Not suitable for CVT cars 
  • Not licensed from OEM

3. Castrol Transmax Transmission Oils

Castrol is popular for multi-vehicle oil transmission, also it is approved by OEM. Moreover, it normally comes in a pack of 1 gallon. Castrol Transmax is both synthetic as well as automatic. In addition, this oil is perfectly suited for passenger cars. Moreover, the Castrol Transmax is highly recommended for import vehicles and provides full protection even at high temperatures.


  • Large-sized options
  • Highly recommended for most different cars
  • Reduces friction drastically
  • For all types of transmission as well as power steering
  • Works great in the cold weather too


  • Unsuitable for continuously variable transmission (CVT) cars
  • Unsuitable for all Dexron VI cars

4. Royal Purple Automatic Transmission Oils

This is a very high-performance transmission oil. It’s due to its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures also. Also, the standard set contains 12 quarts. Moreover, it uses synthetic oils and mixes well with other transmission oil types. The Royal Purple also has a long-last feature. In addition, it can handle oxidation quite better.


  • Fully mixup with other oils
  • Suited for all types of cars
  • High viscosity for extreme temperatures
  • Reduces friction completely
  • Good quality lubrication


  • Unsuitable for the Dexron VI cars

5. Red Line Transmission Oils

This is best for high-performance cars even at extreme temperatures and conditions. Also, the standard pack comes in 1 quart. It can be used for both manual and transaxle cars. In addition, the Redline transmission oil is suitable for almost all import cars. Moreover, it has full compatibility with brass synchros and the transmission oil viscosity is 70W, 75W, 80W.


  • Works perfectly at high temperatures
  • Contains synthetic oil
  • High-performance options
  • Completely reduces friction
  • Improves change of gear


  • Small size. Many people look for larger sizes, especially for top-ups
  • Improvements are sometimes obvious other times minimal

6. Best Transmission Oil – Valvoline DEXRON/MERCON Transmission Oils

Valvoline is a highly respected brand in the entire automotive industry, so it’s a great choice to consider. The standard pack comes in 1 gallon. Also, it includes friction-reducing additives. In addition, Valvoline is incompatible with Mercon IV or Mercon SP cars. It is excellent for all types of transmissions and transaxles. Valvoline transmission oil protects the wear and tear of transmission.


  • Best for Dexron and Mercon cars
  • Excellent response at lowest temperatures
  • The larger size is  easily available
  • Contains all friction modifiers
  • Prevents the buildup of deposits


  • Unsuitable for CVT vehicles

7. Genuine Honda Transmission Oils

It’s a genuine Honda transmission oil, that meets all the quality standards. You can easily enjoy full peace of mind with this option. The standard pack comes in 1 quart with all quality standards being met. It also contains seal and ring protection. Genuine Honda transmission oils come with the best fuel economy with lower viscosity. It can deals with both low and high temperatures both and has a very low oxidate rate.


  • Original equipment manufacturer(OEM) oil
  • Works perfectly even at the extreme temperatures
  • Protects all the seals as well as the o-rings
  • Lubricates perfectly


  • Unsuitable for CVT
  • It might not work for all the non-Honda cars
  • Available in 1-quart bottles only

8. ACDelco Transmission Oils

AC Delco is a popular brand, and this product will be the best choice for your car. The standard pack comes in 1 gallon. It is licensed & approved by GM. In addition, it is backward compatible oil and suitable for all vehicles. Moreover, ACDelco is highly recommended for DEXRON VI, DEXRON II(E) cars. With improved friction and oxidation resistance it improves the car’s fuel economy as well.


  • Fully backward compatible
  • Friction modification
  • Full synthetic-based oil
  • High viscosity
  • Improved fuel economy


  • Unsuitable for CVT vehicles

9. Lucas Transmission Fix – Best Transmission Oil

You can easily extend the life of your car’s transmission by using additives like Lucas Transmission Fix. The standard pack comes in One gallon and is quite Inexpensive. It is suitable for any car transmission and improves the car’s overall fuel economy.

  • An inexpensive option to transmission performance issues
  • Best for use in any transmission type
  • High viscosity
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Will work temporarily in worn transmissions
  • It is a very thick liquid that takes a long time to pour

10. Ravenol Transmission Oil

Ravenol is a German company, and its transmission oil works best in German cars. Moreover, you can easily prolong the life of your transmission through Ravenol. Also, it works best for any car transmission by improving the overall fuel economy.

  • Good option for transmission performance issues
  • Best for specific transmission type
  • Great viscosity
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Works for limited transmissions only
  • Potential toxic chemicals

Hope you have got all details related to the best transmission oils available in the market. Although there are a lot of different types and products, they mostly serve the same purpose. The purpose is to lubricate the components as well as lower the temperature of the transmission. This leads to better performance, a much more enjoyable ride, and also prolonging the life of your vehicle’s components.

Some of the transmission oil available in today’s market do their job better than others. Also, some are more suitable for specific types of car makes and models than others. Moreover, with the help of our best transmission oil for cars, we hope that you find the best transmission oil for your car. You definitely know enough now to make a well-informed decision.

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