Car speakers blow out

Why Do Car Speakers Blow Out?

Car speakers are a centerpiece for playing music, smartphone or having Bluetooth connectivity, doing hands-free calling & other similar purposes. Sometimes it’s annoying when you are expecting to enjoy soothing music from your car stereo only to hear strange sounds from your speakers. Car audio woofers blow out creating a crash sound. Interrupting audio signals or a loose connection is its main cause. So why do car speakers blow out?

This situation is the result of some mechanical failure in the audio woofers that prevents them to work properly. As sound goes to the car woofers through wires with electrical signals, it can be distorted by some other signals from different electrical devices like power lines. Mostly the exact problem is quite minor and corrected easily. In some other cases, this problem might require a full repair of the speaker that can be done easily. In some worst-case scenarios, a new speaker needs to be purchased. So in this article, we’ll discuss the blowing out of car speakers and how to fix the issue.

Table of Contents

  • Symptoms of Blown Out Car Speakers
  • Common Causes Of Car Speakers Blowout
  • Steps to Fix the Damaged Speakers
  • Replacement of Damaged car speakers
  • Conclusion

Symptoms of Blown Out Car Speakers

Car Speakers Blow Out is a common term meaning that a car speaker does not work as expected or it does not work at all. Some common symptoms of blown-out car speakers are:

  • High distortion levels of audio
  • Very Limited response to the frequency
  • Lowest levels of the different sounds
  • Higher loud noise levels
  • Sometimes no sound at all
  • Unable to turn on

Common Causes Of Car Speakers Blowout

Car speakers usually blow out due to some mechanical or thermal issues, but any damage to the car speaker to an extent where it no longer responds correctly will probably blow it out. 

  • Mechanical Failure 

Mechanical failures to the car speakers happen when an important component called a cone moves in a different way than its intended design. As the cone moves further than its desired level, it stresses the base material. As a result, some parts of the car speaker collide along with each other. This in turn causes components to break, tear down or get loose resulting in permanent damage.

  • Thermal Failure 

Thermal failures to the car speaker occur when the speaker receives much more power than it can handle. This extra power causes more heat that results in softening of the glue binding the components to each other. This basically blows up the car speaker as it no longer produces the sound it used to.

  • Failure due to high volumes

Sometimes the blowout of car speakers happens due to turning up the volume too high for prolonged periods of time. The high volume damages some important components resulting in the blowout.

  • Physical damage

Physical damage to car speakers can happen by lack of proper installation, or when the grills to protect the speaker get loose. Without a proper protective cover, the car speaker is in damaged condition by piercing the cone as it’s relatively very delicate.  

Steps to Fix the Damaged Speakers

Although the blown-out car speakers can be fixed with some effort, the repair is a complicated one, quite expensive, and is therefore not very cost-effective. The decision to repair is mostly made when the car speakers are costly or quite unique, as it might be difficult to find the same replacement speaker. Some repair methods that you can try are:

  • Voice Coil Replacement

The replacement of the voice coil is quite complicated in nature. It has to be performed correctly else sound effects after the work will not be as expected. It’s always better to leave these kinds of replacements for professionals.

  • Using Repair Kit

When you want to repair a blown speaker by yourself without taking any professionals help, you can use a repair kit that contains all the original components of the particular damaged car speaker.

  • Repairing car speakers surround or Cracked Cone

There are some more car speakers simple repairs that can be performed at home. For example, replacing the surround sound of car speakers or repairing the car speakers’ cracked cone. 

Just repairing the car speakers is not the only thing. More important than this is to find the root of the problem that caused damage to the car speaker. As most car speakers do not blow out in normal conditions, so if the source of the problem is not removed the car speakers are again damaged in the future even after the repair work.

Replacement of Damaged car speakers

When the car speakers blow out, it creates a good possibility to replace them with new speakers and enjoy listening to quality music for a much longer time. It is always better to replace the car speakers in pairs as the sound quality from factory speakers will decrease over time. So if you decide to replace only the blown-out speaker, then there might be a difference between the sound quality of both speakers. Following are the major benefits of replacing your car speakers:

  • The replacement car speakers are more powerful
  • The replaced car speakers have a much higher frequency response
  • As most of the components of replacement speakers are made from much better materials, it affects the durability and lifetime of these speakers
  • The replacement speakers offer a large variety of different types to choose from

When buying the replacement speakers, always make sure that you listen to the different types that are available and choose the one as per your needs. Alternatively, you can do thorough research and finalize the best car speaker for your needs. When you have got all the required equipment, you need to then install the speakers, connecting the wires, and putting the door panels back in their place. A car mechanic can also install them with nominal labor costs.


To conclude we were able to explore the different reasons for car speakers blowing out. We did discuss various symptoms and cause for the car speaker’s damage. Steps to fix the car speakers and getting replacement speakers were also discussed in depth. Although the information provided here is more than enough to help you in getting details about blown-out car speakers yet you can do your own study to make sure that the car speakers you are considering repairing or buying are reliable and worth your time and effort. Hope you got the answer to the question of why do car speakers blow out. 

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