Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying A Used LS Engine

Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying A Used LS Engine

Ruling in the engine industry for more than a decade, the Chevrolet LS engine has reached a new peak of performance and affordability. There are plenty of reasons through which LS engines keep their trust and love maintained in the automobile market. And while purchasing a used LS engine then you need to be very careful while inspecting the used engine. So we’ve gathered the information and made a list of do’s and don’ts of buying a used LS engine.

Although LS engines gained so much popularity, few drawbacks might help you in deciding whether that used LS engine is good to buy or not. Read the list of do’s and don’ts of buying a used LS engine.

Check whether the engine is unlocked or locked

While purchasing a used LS engine, the best way to find out whether it’s unlocked or locked is to listen to the engine running. And, if you didn’t listen to it running, you might need to start it manually. Then, you need a 24mm socket and ratchet that will help you in turning the bolts of the LS engine. And if the engine is not opening, then it is locked. And then you might need to put some extra effort into it.

Oil checking of the LS engine

Everybody needs a good immune system. And the same formula applies to any vehicle’s engine, especially with a used LS engine. And engine oil is the immune system of an engine. Always remember that the person selling you the engine just wants to get rid of it and he/she will probably do anything to cover up the faults and mistakes. While checking the condition of an engine you must keep in mind that engine oil should not look new because the seller may have changed the engine oil to cover up the head gasket leakage or any other problem. Always remember to keep your eyes open while checking and feel free to ask questions if you find something weird. You can know more about low-quality and high-quality engine oils here!

Compression Inspection of the LS engine

This process is a bit of a head-spinning process but it can save you from issues that may come in the long term. A basic test of compression can give you an idea about the engine’s compression whether it is problem-free or not! And if you think that you’re not so knowledgeable about compression tests, then you must consult with an expert before buying a used LS engine.

Spark Plugs Inspection

The most simple and most important tool in an engine is the spark plugs. The spark plugs look so simple and tiny but the starting of the engine depends on this tool. If you’re already familiar with the engine, then they can tell you to look over the dead cylinder, lean condition and detonation. Keep yourself up to date with a ratchet or ⅝ socket. The spark plug can be changed anytime and even costing very low but nobody wants any obstacle while driving, so it is important to check spark plugs at the time of purchase of a used LS engine.

The Exhaust Manifold Bolts Issues

The very common issue that has been found in many LS engines is broken header bolts, which are quite tough to remove. If you’re not a professional or least knowledgeable person regarding manifold bolts issues then you might end badly while fixing the issue. And you might end up spending extra cash on your engine. So if you find any issue regarding the exhaust manifold bolts issues in an used LS engine, then try to fix it with proper knowledge or by a professional.

Don’t forget to ask questions 

You should always keep in mind asking questions regarding doubts. See, whenever it feels like that you’re having doubt about something or feeling weird about anything, always ask questions. When you do ask questions to the seller, you will get some intuition of true or false. This means you can predict from the seller’s voice and tone whether he/she is telling the truth or not. And many sellers tend to give false information to the buyer to make the product sell faster.

Always do the homework before buying a used LS engine

Before visiting any seller, must not forget to do your homework about a used LS engine. You need to know about the product you’re going to buy. Because the seller might give you false information about the product, and if you’re completely new to the LS engine then you might not understand whether the seller is right or not.

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