BMW 550i gt engine

The BMW 550i GT Engine – Complete Guide

The BMW 550i GT Engine is a 5 series engine BMW. GT is Gran Turismo mainly for Series 7, but it was also released for Series 5. The BMW 550i GT Engines come in 2 types of engines: 6 cylinders in the 535i and 8 cylinders in 550i. The BMW 5 Series receives new fashions for 2013: the BMW 550i GT and the high-overall performance BMW M5. The 2013 BMW five Series now consists of a dozen fashions and counting the versions with all-wheel drive.

The BMW 550i GT Engine has twin-turbocharged which gives 445 hp with the help of a 4.4 liter V8 Engine. Rear-wheel drive is the default setting, but all models must have drive. The GT five collection changed into a higher price than the BMW’s X5 and X3. The BMW 550i GT Series models are substantial, well-engineered rider cars, and nevertheless. They’re precocious with associate exciting vigor that keeps the driving expertise participating and pleasurable.

  • C02 admission in g/km: 214
  • Capacity: 4395 cc
  • Stroke: 88.3mm
  • Power: 330KW 5500-6000 rpm
  • Torque: 650 KW 2000-4500 rpm

The BMW 550i Engine Gran Turismo offers the fashionable presence of a coupe. Its elongated bonnet, the fast overhangs. And also the feature Hofmeister kink withinside the C-pillar right away discover this automobile as a BMW. The inserting silhouette, the munificently spacious interior, and the dynamic steering all create the BMW 550i Gran Turismo exceptional.

Using enthusiasm, the five Series fashions appear to exhort you to force them vigorously, confidently, with pleasure. Their over-the-avenue qualities, or at the least the promise of them, are clearly what inspire many BMW aspirants. The luxurious own circle of relatives transportation qualifies them as a notably acceptable mid-length entry.

Twin Turbo Engine

The improved bundle of the BMW 550i TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder and 6-cylinder petrol engines is one of the key factors of the BMW Efficient Dynamics strategy. A TwinScroll turbocharger with Valvetronic, double-VANOS and High Precision Injection imply decreased gas intake and growth in dynamics.

Ready for pinnacle performance: the BMW 550i Gran Turismo represents the simplest trend in driving. The BMW TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder gas engine withinside the BMW 550i GT Engine with turbochargers, Valvetronic, double-Vanos, and petrol direct High exactitude Injection. This engine, with its range from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm and throughout the velocity variety quickens from zero to 100 km/h with 330 kW in an excellent 5.0 seconds. The engine’s compact construct shortens the exhaust paths for extraordinarily direct responsiveness. Even as double-Vanos optimally distributes the torque over the complete rev variety. Efficiency does not come too quickly either: mixed intake is 9.2 liters in keeping with a 100 km with mixed CO2 emissions from 214 g/km.


The precise surroundings of the BMW 550i Gran Turismo highlight absolutely. The consolation you sense anyplace you manifest to be seated and the center console is aligned toward the motive force.

All devices and presentations are precisely wherein one might intuitively search for them. With the elective BMW Head-Up Display (popular for the BMW 550i), the motive force sees the maximum crucial facts projected at the windscreen in his line of sight. A variety of devices is to be had to personalize and refine the unmistakable common enjoy this is the indoors of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

Suspension outfitted as general

The self-leveling rear suspension outfitted as general withinside the BMW five Series Gran Turismo balances out top variations among the front and rear axle the use of the air suspension. Sensors at the degree of the rear wheels the space among the frame and the road. Depending on the load and riding situation, the air extent withinside the springs is adjusted in order but there may be usually top-quality spring clearance available. This promotes agility and protection even if the car is closely loaded.

Speed Transmission

The 8-velocity Automatic Transmission Steptronic makes converting gears and riding notably greater convenient, allowing for speedy engine velocity transitions and shorter shift times. It unites excellent consolation with palpable dynamics and extended fuel efficiency. Gears also can be modified manually by the usage of the selector lever.

Fuel System

The BMW 550i GT Engine is a petrol-based engine. It has a fuel system which is twin power turbo technology and has two turbochargers. They are direct injection (High Precision Injection) and fully variable valve control (VALVETRONIC). 


The wise electricity management convenience approach that the generator currently doesn’t want to run permanently, that reduces the pressure at the generator. The top result’s ancient BMW Efficient Dynamics with shrunken gas intake and accelerated performance. Every time you press the brake, kinetic energy is generated, and this electricity has not been used until now. Brake Energy Recovery exploits this potential without going unnoticed for a long time maybe.

The Series 5 has a smooth ride. Even rough asphalt is hardly a challenge for passenger comfort. This BMW is not as sporty or exciting to drive as previous versions or other models of the brand, but its handling remains calm and confident. For the most part, the regenerative brakes in the hybrid plug-in work smoothly, which is not always the case with the regenerative braking systems of hybrid vehicles.


The 550I provides a rearview digital digicam and navigation with voice recognition, online facts carrier, and real-time traffic. Optional functions encompass 20-inch alloys, Nappa leather-based upholstery, and energy rear bucket seats as opposed to the 3-character bench. Dynamic coping with a bundle with adaptive dampers, 2 recreation packages, heated front, and rear seats, and a heated guidance wheel. The bag’s potential becomes multiplied through 60 liters to a complete of 500 liters.

There are plenty of well-known top-rate functions such as adaptive xenon headlamps, digital limited-slip differential, and 10-manner energy. The front seats with lumbar aid and motive force memory, leather-based upholstery, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.


We have so many models in the BMW 550i Engine that we have mentioned above. This shows all the important points. It can help you understand all the features and functions. Hope this article helps you make money easily. It will definitely help you make smarter decisions. An easier and more enjoyable shopping experience. Other similar powerful engines from BMW include BMW 850i EngineBMW X3 Engine, and BMW 135i Engine. Also if you are interested in used engines you can buy the BMW Used Engines.

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