Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission

Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission Innovations

An automatic or AT transmission is a multi-speed transmission for use in motor vehicles. These vehicles do not require the driver to intervene to shift under normal driving conditions. It usually includes a gearbox, axle, and differential in one integrated package, making it technically a transaxle. So it becomes important to discuss the pioneers of AT. Here we will discuss Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission Innovations. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobile is a company with more than 200,000 employees worldwide. It has existed in one form or another for more than a hundred years. You will also learn about Chrysler’s various innovations in the manufacture of automatic transmissions for vehicles. There were some humble beginnings when Chrysler used to be a smaller entity but there was no shortage of ingenuity. Invented at Chrysler, automatic transmission changed the whole working of the transmission technology.

Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission Innovations 

The 1st Chrysler car came in 1924. Components such as oil filters and high-compression engines made them advanced at that time. The duration between 1920 and 1930 was the golden era for these cars. In 1930 airflow models came into the picture with a one-of-a-kind aerodynamic body. The design closely follows the aerodynamic style. The Chrysler plant also produced war vehicles in World War II. Post-1950, the car models got updates with advanced technologies. The result was the smoothness in car designs along with the latest ones. 1960 was the year when small cars came up. In 1970 Chrysler came up with the Chrysler Cordoba.

Dodge Aries, as well as Plymouth Reliant, came up in 1980. These were small as well as more fuel-efficient. In the 90s, they launched newer models such as the Dodge Ram, Jeep models, and Dodge Viper sports cars. These were the most profitable and top-performing automotive companies in the US. Some time passed between the Chrysler models that started the trend and the transition to automatic transmission options. Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission Options came upon select vehicles, followed by the PrestoMatic and then the HyDrive in 1953.

The first real AT came up from the Chrysler brand in 1954. This was the 2-speed PowerFlite transmission that entered the automatic scene. There was some good progress in the ’90s and early 2000. This was a time when the automotive landscape took a leap forward in terms of innovation and opportunity. Three and four-speed were the norm until the end of 2008. Starting in 2015, the cars came up with Six-speed and now nine-speed automatic options.

Chrysler’s Automatic Transmission – TorqueFlite

TorqueFlite is Chrysler’s automatic transmission. TorqueFlite made extensive use of torque converters as well as a Simpson gear set. The switch to automatic option by Chrysler happened during the Fluid Drive innovation. The driving technique has a hydraulic clutch used in place of the flywheel. This eradicates torque multiplication through an updated torque converter. Several semi-automatic transmissions came up in 1941, including Presto Matic, Hy Drive, and M4 Vacamatic. Different models came up for selected vehicles. The first actual automatic transmission(AT) came into the picture around 1954.  

In the world of automatic transmissions, GM Motors came up with Oldsmobile Hydramatic. Soon, Packard Ultramatic, and Studebaker Drive also came up with automatic transmissions. Automatic transmission fluid provides the pressure needed to activate the belts and clutches that determine the vehicle’s gear. It not only cools but also lubricates the parts of the automatic transmission. In addition, it helps in the proper driving experience of the vehicle. The drive train acts similar to how a clutch functions in a manual transmission. The fluid locks and unlocks the gears to properly switch between the speed ratios. This change is automatic and the driver has no role in it.

Chrysler AT Features

In 1956, more advanced and impressive automatic transmission options came up. This was the year for the launch of the Torqueflite automatic transmission. Also, the 2-speed model graduated to a 3-speed version. Soon after it was switched to a 4-speed and then 9-speed automatic version. In an automatic transmission, the gear change is automatic. Other important acts like vehicle speed, the position of the throttle, and engine speed are user-friendly. Benefits of AT include:

  • Easy operation
  • Less maintenance required
  • Very easy to drive an AT car
  • No risk of engine stalling

Chrysler’s list of the most popular automatic transmissions are:

  • 727 TorqueFlite
  • 8-speed Ram transmission
  • 727 AT
  • 8-speed TorqueFlite
  • 9-speed AT
  • 8-speed Dodge transmission
  • Mopar 4-speed AT
  • 4-speed Dodge AT
  • Jeep Grand 8-speed AT
  • Chrysler Grand AT
  • TorqueFlite AT

The Durability of Chrysler Automatic Transmissions

Transmission is one of the most important as well as expensive auto parts. Even if you’re skilled at car maintenance, serious transmission problems are some of the toughest repairs. Get your vehicle checked before transmission problems arise. Without proper service, transmissions can fail in fewer miles than usual. If your drive is regular, your transmission could be down in about seven years. With timely maintenance and proper care, transmissions can last longer.  Scheduled transmission oil changes, transmission inspections, and belt adjustments can definitely save you a lot of money. This can be done to prevent premature transmission failure. The life of your transmission depends on the regular maintenance of your vehicle. Like any part of a car, transmissions work hard and wear out over time. Identifying problems early will help you avoid replacing the gearbox.


Chrysler is the topmost car brand with its unique innovations. It has contributed a lot and is a major player in the development of the automotive industry. The timeline of this innovation period mainly happened from 1992 and continued thereafter. During this period, electric ignition starters were invented to replace the use of hand cranks. Also, many similar innovations happened parallelly. The AT was introduced, as a result, the engine started with just the push of a button. All this resulted in Chrysler automobiles becoming a popular brand known for their advanced technical innovations. Hope you find value in the information provided here. You may also have an interest in Transmission Replacement Costs.

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