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Lamborghini Countach – Complete Guide

The Lamborghini Countach is a car that needs no introduction. It is one of the most iconic supercars in history, and it still turns its head to this day. The Countach was first introduced in 1974, and it quickly became a favorite among car enthusiasts. Its outrageous design and powerful engine made it one of the most desired cars in the world.

The Lamborghini Countach model was launched in 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show. The selling model was launched in 1974 at the Geneva Motor Show. LP 400 was the name of the first Countach generation. 

The Countach carried on in production until 1990, and over 2,000 examples were built. It is considered to be one of the greatest Lamborghinis ever made, and it has a place in history as one of the most iconic cars.

The Lamborghini Countach has a mid-engine, V12 supercar which was produced by the Italian automaker Lamborghini from 1974 to the late 90s. Its design became the template for the Countach’s successors, such as the Diablo and Murciélago. Often referred to as the “Lambo” in automotive enthusiast circles, it was named after a bull that survived 24 sword strokes.


The Countach is a supercar in every sense of the word. It has a top speed of 202 mph, it can reach 0 to 60 mph in only 5.5 seconds, and has a horsepower of 455. It is also very expensive, with a starting price of $400,000 in 1990.

The Lamborghini Countach is a mid-engined sports car that was produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. Its design, both by Marcello Gandini and by Lamborghini’s in-house designer, Horacio Pagani, is an extreme example of the wedge-shaped supercar. The Countach is regarded as one of the most iconic sports cars of all time.

The engine was a 48-valve 5.2 L (320 cu in) V12 with four valves per cylinder. It was mounted longitudinally and produced 455 HP.


It was one of the most iconic supercars of the 1970s and 80s, and its design is still considered groundbreaking today. There are some interesting features of the Lamborghini Countach are given below.

The engine: The Countach’s engine was a 4.7-litre V12, which produced an impressive 375 horsepower. This gave the car a top speed of around 180 miles per hour.

The body: The body of the Countach was made entirely from carbon fiber, which made it very lightweight and helped.

Horsepower455 hp
Torque369 lb-ft
0-604.5 seconds
1/4 Mile13.3@104 mph
Top Speed183 mph
Weight3,505 lbs

The Lamborghini Countach engine is considered as a masterpiece of engineering. Its V12 design is both powerful and efficient, making the Countach one of the most sought-after supercars of all time.

The Lamborghini Countach is a classic car that many people dream of owning. But most people don’t know much about its engine. What makes it so special? In this article, we take a closer look at the engine that powers the Countach and discuss some of the unique features that make it one of the best-loved supercars of all time.

Countach 25th Anniversary

The Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary is a sports car that was produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary. It was the last Countach model to be designed by Marcello Gandini, the man behind the original Countach design from the 1970s.

The Countach 25th Anniversary is a rear-wheel-drive car with a mid-mounted V12 engine. It has a six-speed manual transmission. The car is 18 feet long and weighs 3,362 pounds. This car can reach a top speed of 202 miles per hour.

The Anniversary model differed from the standard Countach in a number of ways. Most notably, it featured redesigned bodywork, including a revised front end, wings and rear end, as well as new alloy wheels. The interior was also extensively redesigned and featured new seats, trim, and dashboard. 

How much does a Lamborghini Countach cost?

The Lamborghini Countach is a classic car that was first manufactured in 1974. The car was known for its outrageous design and high price tag. The original model of the Countach cost $72,000 in 1974, which would be equivalent to $319,000 today.

A Lamborghini Countach can cost anywhere from $90,000 to $400,000. The price depends on the year, make, and model of the car.

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