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BMW Z4 Engine – Full information

Being a BMW flagship car Z4 has a powerful twin-turbocharged engine with very good handling. The BMW Z4 also has a very luxurious interior that seems to be perfect for the daily driving experience. The lower range engine model has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. However, the higher range model has a four-cylinder inline twin-turbocharged engine. The Z4 comes standard with a rear-wheel drive and has an eight-speed automatic transmission. That offers a good sporty driving experience when cruising through the highway. Also BMW Z4 Engine comes standard with paddle shifters in the steering wheel of the car.

Also, the BMW Z4 Engine is only available with an eight-speed automatic transmission and not with a manual transmission and a clutch paddle. However, you will also not miss these things as the eight-speed manual transmission is one of the best transmissions that are available in the market. Also, the Z4 M40i model can generate a power of 382hp and has an excellent twin-turbocharged four-cylinder inline engine. The engine is also very refined and smooth making the cabin very quiet for driver and passenger. The engine is so powerful that it can accelerate the car from zero to 100km/hr or 60mph in just about 3.8 seconds. Which is really a very fast pick-up acceleration and is even faster than a Porsche Boxster S.

Table of content-

  • Specification of BMW Z4 engine
  • Real-world fuel economy of the BMW Z4 Engine
  • Depreciation and Insurance of BMW Z4 Engine
  • Conclusion

Specification of BMW Z4 engine-    

The BMW Z4 is a dream car for many youngsters and car lovers. It is really a fantastic car with a 2litre petrol engine. The displacement size of the engine is around 2998cc. The mileage of the car depends on the model of the Z4 and can range from 11.29 to 14.37Kmpl. Also, the car has a very comfortable drive and has very efficient handling, and suits best for the family drive of a long way cruising experience. Also, the engine can generate a maximum power of 335bhp at an rpm rate of 5000-6500. Let’s now jump directly to the specification of the engine mentioned below.

  • Displacement of the engine – 2998cc 
  • Maximum power output – 335bhp at an rpm rate of 5000-6500
  • Maximum torque of the car – 500NM at an rpm rate of 1600-4500
  • Transmission – eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Fuel variant – petrol type
  • Boot space of car – 281 liters
  • Fuel storage capacity of engine tank – 52 liters
  • Mileage of the car – 11.29liters
  • Standard drive wheel – rear-wheel drive
  • Fuel system – Gasoline direct injection

Real-world fuel economy of the BMW Z4 Engine-   

The BMW Z4 offers the rider a very good performance and driving experience. Also, the Z4 has a very good fuel efficiency rate, and being a sports car it’s a very good thing about the car. The BMW Z4 engine has a fuel economy rate of 25MPG in the city and the case of highway is 32MPG. However, the higher-end Z4 M40i has a fuel efficiency rate of 24MPG in the city, and on the highway it is 31MPG.

                In a real-world test case scenario, the BMW Z4 has a fuel economy rate of 20MPG in a combined driving experience. This decrease in the efficiency of the engine is because in lab testing several real-world scenarios are neglected like air resistance. Also, the BMW Z4 engine uses more premium gasoline fuel and the fuel tank size of the Z4 is very small. So you can only expect to travel a distance of 300miles with a full tank. Also, the carbon emission rate of Z4 can range anywhere from 161gram per kilometer to 171gram per kilometer.  

Depreciation and Insurance of BMW Z4 Engine-

The demand for used sports cars is on the rise in the used car market. The BMW Z4 is not an exception and seems to be a good place to invest your money. After some years of use, the lower range model of Z4 can give you back almost 49% of the total car price. However, for the higher-end M40i model, it’s about 46%. The optional features will add some more money to your old car. The Z4 is rated by the insurance companies in the group between 30 to 37. This insurance rating of the Z4 is better than the Porsche Boxster with an insurance rating between 46 to 49. 


The BMW Z4 seems to be a heavier car like its predecessor and weighs about 1,400kg. Which is a third of the weight of Alpine A110 because of which the car does not feel to be very light while driving. Also, the car offers a reactive steering wheel with smooth body control and has more power in higher-end models like the M40i. The car drives so perfectly because of the 50 by 50 weight distribution of the car body and also the center of gravity of the car is lowered. Here is detailed information about the BMW Z4 engine and we also hope that this information will help you in finding your dream car.     

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