BMW M2 Engine

BMW M2 Engine

BMW is famous worldwide for its never compromise attitude. Whenever it comes to performance and power this engine and car manufacturing company have given its best of best. The BMW manufactures the engine for the machines in the air and the engines for the class and speed on roads. Here we are going to discuss a sports car engine whose job is to change the road.  The aggressive, awesome and outstanding engine all the way from the BMW family that’s the BMW M2 Engine.

The M-series are known for their powers and that’s why the top strongest engines of the BMW consist of many M-series engines. The BMW M2 is genuinely for power lovers, these engines are called “the beast under the hood.” The engine used in the BMW M2 is N55. Let’s know more about the BMW M2 engine.

Variants of BMW M2 Engine

The BMW M2 engine was the first straight-six engine in the BMW family to use a twin-scroll turbocharger. The production of the BMW M2 engine started in 2016 by BMW’s motorsport division. The M2 has 6- Cylinders Inline engine, with 4 valves/cylinders. The capacity of the engine is 2979 cc. And the higher variant of the M2 series car that is the BMW competition has a twin-turbocharged S55 engine. The third member of the BMW M2 family is the BMW M2 Performance Edition. And if you want to know about other powerful and iconic engines of BMW like BMW 128i and BMW i8 you can read here.

BMW M2 – N55 Engine

The BMW M2 base model uses the N55 engine which is a straight-six turbocharged petrol engine. The production of N55 started in 2009 and BMW still continued the production of N55. 

Configuration Of BMW M2- N55 Engine

The BMW M2 – N55 engine is a straight-6 engine with a displacement of 3.0L (183 cu in). The cylinder bore capacity of the engine is 84 mm (3.3 in). The engine produces the power of 365hp@6500rpm and maximum torque of 465Nm@1450-4750rpm. The transmission type of the BMW M2 is automatic. The redline RPM range of this engine is 7,000 RPM. And it has a special feature of a combustion turbocharger which is a single twin-scroll with an intercooler.

The BMW engine has won three straight Ward’s 10 Best Engines awards in 2011-2013.


The BMW M2 N55 engine is the successor of N54. There are not so many differences between N54 and N55. But the most important difference which keeps both of them different from each other is the use of the single turbocharger. The other changes in N55 are that the Valvetronic is added to the N55 engine and the fuel injectors types are also changes in the latest BMW M2 N55. 

The N54 uses piezo-type fuel injectors but the new N55 uses solenoid type fuel injectors which help the engine to become more fuel-efficient by reducing the consumption of fuel by 15%.  The reason to change the piezo-type injectors is that they were more expensive. The design of the exhaust manifold termed the Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold (CCM). The function of CCM is to decrease the pressure fluctuations to decrease the exhaust-bag pressure and throttle lag.

Fuel Consumption of BMW M2

The tank capacity of the BMW M2 is 52.0 Litres with a petrol type fuel engine. The mileage of the engine is 10.63kmpl which is certified by ARAI. And the engine follows the BS-VI engine norm compliance.


Because of the complex and continuous torque delivery by the BMW M2, the car feels fast at any acceleration. Although if the M2 is lashed with A DCT then it can achieve the speed of 0-60 mph in just 4.2 sec which is 0.2 sec lesser than the manual.

BMW M2 Competition Variant

The Competition Variant is the higher model of the M2 segment. The engine is 2979 cc with 6 cylinders in line. This variant contains 4 valves/cylinders and has DOHC. It was first launched in 2018 at the Beijing Auto Show.  The production of this engine began in July 2018.

The M2 competition variant uses the high-performance S55 engine. The engine is engulfed with a new oil system supply and a better cooling system which is inspired by BMW M4.  If we compare the M2 Competition Variant with the M2 base model then the S55 produces 30kW(40hp) more power and 85Nm more torque than N55.

The BMW M2 Competition Variant is heavier than the BMW M2 base variant. And that is because of the new engine and the new cooling system.

BMW M2 Performance Edition

There had been more than 150 prototypes of these engines produced for the US market. The engine produces the power from turbocharged 3.0 liter inline- six paired engine type. And it has the 7-speed M double-clutch transmission. It also comes in 6-speed manual transmission.

All these engines of the BMW M2 segment are either best in performance or doing great in affordability and efficiency. They really never wish to make the M2 a basic model. As they are always famous for boosting beast under the hoods. That’s why in support of the BMW M2, the BMW produces an upgraded version of the same engine. The name of the engines can specify the work of all the variants of the BMW M2 engine. This time also the BMW didn’t disappoint us. And if you guys want to purchase used engines of BMW M2 or any other desired vehicle you can look here.

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