Car Engine Lifespan

Tips To Extend Car Engine Lifespan

Car Engine Lifespan: A car engine is just like the heart of a car. If it doesn’t run smoothly it reduces the life of the vehicle. Engine oil is the best lubricant for engine parts. When the car engine starts, the components of the engine strike one another and create various sounds. For the better functioning of the engine, the oil needs to be replaced from time to time. It creates problems with the movement of the car because dirty oil takes a long time to circulate as compared to clean oil. It also decreases the performance of the car. To avoid these problems Engine oils are used to increase the lifespan of the engine.

8 basic points to extend the Car Engine Lifespan

  1.  Change engine oil at regular intervals
  2.  Check on the cooling system
  3.  Let it breathe
  4.  Look for leaks
  5.  Don’t keep going on reserve fuel
  6.  Check your belts
  7.  Don’t ignore the check engine light
  8.  Replace your fuel filter

1. Change engine oil at regular intervals:-

This is the most important step for engine oil. The engine oil lubricates all the moving parts with the engine oil because if the oil is dirty it takes a lot of time to move all the components of the engine while clean oil lubricates the engine components very easily.  The engine oil also collects all the dirt particles, dust, sediments. If the engine oil doesn’t change, the dust particles move in all the engine components and the components create ticking sounds while driving the car. The filter of the oil is also very important because it filters all the junk in the engine oil. The oil filter ensures that your engine runs smoothly and without any hurdle.

2. Check on the cooling system:-

Car efficiency increases day by day but there are certain cars that suffer from the heating of the engine and take a longer time to cool. The car engine lost energy with the combustion and also decreases the efficiency of the car. The alloys and metals used for the manufacture of engine oil are not good conductors of heat. For that, you have to make sure that the tank of the car contains an ample coolant that protects the engine from excess heat. The 1.1 ratio is ideal for coolant and distilled water. It is also good for the normal temperature of the car and it protects the car from overheating

3. Let it breathe:-

Oxygen is very important for car breathing as well. The constant airflow of the car saves the fuel to burn completely when the emission increases and mileage reduction. The checking of the air filter is very important because if the air filter is full of dirt, it reduces the movement of the car and also reduces the mileage of the car. For that, you need to clean the air filter regularly when you feel that there is so much dirt in the air filter because the engine needs to breathe well to function properly and keep going.

4. Look for leaks:-

Fuel leaking is a very important part of the maintenance of the car. When you park the car in the parking and realize that there are some fluids on the ground that comes from your car. If your car suffers from a fuel leakage you immediately need to take it to the mechanic and get it checked by him. You can also check the smell of the fuel under the vehicle.

5.  Don’t keep going on reserve fuel:-

The petrol of the car contains certain dust particles that are settled down at the bottom of the tank. There will definitely be a layer of crap that shouldn’t reach the engine. When your car is running at low fuel it pulls the junk from the fuel pump and that damages your car engine.   For that, you need to top up your tank from time to time and save it from repair or replacement.

6.  Check your belts:-

 The engine rubber belts are very important for the functioning of the engine.  If you hear noises from the car engine then you need to replace the belts of the engine. You need to check the belts of the car from time to time to ensure if there are any cracks and signs on it. But the breaking of belts while running the car leads to serious accidents and also damages the major components of the engine.

7. Don’t ignore the check engine light:-

 The light of the engine indicates the problem of the engine. If the light fluctuates you immediately have to check the engine or go to the mechanic if you can’t find the problem. The awareness of the engine problems is very helpful in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle. We can’t say that it leads to serious problems every time but you will only know once it is properly checked by the mechanic.

8. Replace your fuel filter:- 

The fuel filter is similar to the oil filter because it also filters the junk and dirt and dust particles from the oil and keeps the fuel clean and clear. If you are using fuel without a fuel filter it circulates the dust particles are over the engine which leads to serious damage to the car engine. This also reduces the lifespan of the vehicle. Therefore to increase the lifespan of the vehicle, the fuel filter needs to replace time to time.

The engines are manufactured to run at a constant speed. At a constant speed, the performance of the engine is best at pro.  When you drive a car with so many variations the engine tires it out and this decreases its performance. If you drive a car with a constant speed it increases the engine performance and lifespan. 


The above article tells you the ways to take care of your car engine and increase the lifespan of the vehicle. The above-mentioned eight tips are the best way to take care of your engine and make your engine runs longer.

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