Fix Engine Knocking Sound

How To Fix Car Engine Knocking Sound?

Sometimes when we drive the car the engine starts creating the sound which can be due to any reason. The car knocking sound is detonation, spark knock, pinging in the spark burns internal combustion engine occurs when the mixture of fuel and air does not give the required flame from the spark plug and some of this mixture is leaked outside the area or in other areas then this sound occurs. 

Knowing occurs when the burn unevenly in the engine cylinders. If the cylinder has the correct balance, then the mixture will be burned in a small amount and will produce the efficient power needed by the engine but it will not burn or all the mixture get burned at once then it will produce this sound.

Knocking sound occurs when the peak of the combustion process does not take place at the correct moment in the four-stroke cycle occurs when the engine completes 4 separate stocks.

Causes of Knocking sound

  • Due to the high compression ratio, as it collides with the flame front generated by the spark plug. We can also say that pre-ignition takes place leading to locking issues.
  • Due to the pressure of the secondary hot spot, this occurs when the engine used was started for a long time and unburnt carbon particles get deposited on the piston head, screw threads, region around the valve, etc.
  • Due to the overheating of the engine, this occurs if the heat of the combustion chamber is not efficiently dissipated by the temperature of the combustion chamber parts such as the piston head, valve head, spark plug, etc.
  • Due to the low speed of the engine, there is sufficient ignition lag which gives enough time for a secondary flame front to form leading to the knocking.
  • Knocking characteristics of the fuel, the standard engine setup, and good quality anti-knocking fuel can be used to get rid of this issue.
  • Fuel has a low Octane rating which leads to an engine knocking sound
  • Spark Plug which is used in the engine is wrong, that is it is not working properly and it is not properly burning the mixture of the fuel and air.
  • Bad timing, which means when the spark plug is used to generate the sparks or used to burn the mixture it is not burning which can lead to multiple detonations in the cylinder.
  • Valve Impingement occurs when the moving part near the top of the cylinder head must operate freely to properly regulate the flow of air, fuel, and exhaust.

Fix the Knocking Engine issue

  • A high compression ratio can be resolved just by reducing the compression ratio if a Variable Compression Ratio system is used.
  • The pressure of the secondary hot spot can be resolved by cleaning the engine cylinder and all the carbon deposits must be removed.
  • Overheating of the engine can be resolved by fixing or improving the engine coolant system and using the coolant.
  • The speed of the engine is increased sufficiently and can be resolved by using the alternative that is advancing the spark timing.
  • Reduce engine load
  • Slowing the ignition timing.
  • Use high octane rating fuel to increase the combustion temperature of the fuel and reduce the chances.
  • Enriching the air to fuel ratio will combustion temperature and increase or less detonation at the wrong temperature.
  • Reducing peak cylinder pressure.
  • The decrease in manifold pressure which can be done by reducing the throttle opening
  • Only fill unleaded premium fuel in your car
  • You should add the fuel detergent, as already there is some presence of fuel detergent in the mixture but if the engine is producing a knocking sound then you need more pungent.
  • You have to replace worn out spark plugs if the mixture is not burning properly otherwise it can lead to damage to the engine.
  • You need to clean the combustion chamber because carbon can be collected there and it will cause issues in the engine and produce the knocking noise.
  • You need to replace the timing belt as small cars use 4 cylinder sedans and they will use rubber belts to regulate and control the engine which stretch, corrode, or get worn out.
  • Replace the engine bearing. It is a labor-intensive repair that involves deep in the engine and resetting the bearing.
  • Replace the engine crack, that is you need to replace the crack or damaged crankshaft. It prevents pistons from firing at the right time and causes the bad bearing to secondary explosions.

Things to be remember

  • Regular engine checkup and inspections should be there 
  • High-quality fuel additives should be used to minimize carbon build-up.
  • Change the spark plug at the specific time period to minimize the issue of bad mixture burning.
  • Always use fuel from a reputable gas station with fuel quality.
  • Reducing the throttle immediately as you will hear any engine knocking.

So in this, we have discussed the issue or causes of Knocking sound in the car engine. All these issues and its solutions are discussed here and hope all your problems will be resolved with the help of this article.

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