My car won’t start - fixed

My car won’t start | Reason and how to fix

You never noticed but take a second to imagine what if we take out your car from your daily routine. Which simply means you have to manage without your car. Won’t it create a lot of problems. You won’t be able to drive your childrens to school, get yourself to work, simply go for a ride,  do daily routine work, and you will simply get stuck. Well don’t worry we are not taking your car from you but a similar situation can occur to you if your car won’t start. There are times when cars unexpectedly don’t start. It is very important to know the reason behind it and how you can fix it. So if you are asking questions like my car won’t start what can I do? Don’t worry, we are about to discuss the reasons why your car is not starting and how you can fix it.

There can be a lot of reasons why your car won’t start. Here are about to discuss the common factors which can lead to the above mentioned issue. So let’s begin.

Reasons why my car won’t start:

Dead battery

There is no kick start in vehicles like cars and we all know that. As we don’t have the option to kick start our car  the only option left with us is using a battery. Battery is a car component which provides electric power to the entire car and its electrical components such as light radio etc. In short, batteries are a very important part of a car.When you are driving the alternator charges the battery. If the battery is not charged enough you won’t be able to start the car or use any of its electrical components. Here are some steps by which you can save your car’s battery.

  • Never leave the headlights on dome light on for a very long period of time or overnight.
  • Make sure you don’t have loose wiring.
  • Water your car properly so that the connectivity is not poor between the components.
  • Battery can also stop working if it has expired.

You can know when your battery is, that is there are some symptoms which show that you need to repair your battery. If the battery light is on or any of the electric components of the car is not working it means your battery is dead. In case you are still not sure that the problem is with your battery, you can try jump starting your car. If the jump start works then you are most likely dealing with the dying battery or an alternator which has trouble recharging the battery. In such scenarios you must consider replacing the battery or the alternator. We recommend you reach a mechanic and deal with the issue.

Defective ignition switch

If you are sure that the battery is running perfectly fine. Then the reason why your car is not starting can be a defective or non-functional ignition switch. You can know the cause by turning the ignition key to the start position and leaving the key. Allowed the key to come back to the on position and look for the warning lights if they blink. This needs to be fixed if it goes out when the switch snaps back in.

Faulty starter

One of the common reasons why your car won’t start is a faulty starter.Any starter is an Electric motor that connects to the battery. This allows you to send the engine in motion When you turn it on. So if the starter is in a faulty condition it won’t be able to get in contact with the engine and further it will lead to car starting issues. If you listen to any clicking noise when you start the car it can mean that this starter is broken or is in weak condition.The main symptom of this is loud sound generation while turning the car on.

Clogged/empty fuel filter

If your fuel filter is clogged or empty the fuel won’t be able to reach the engine. And if the fuel doesn’t reach the engine there is no way any vehicle can start. We recommend you to change the fuel filter after every 15 ,000 to 20,000 kilometres. And if the gas tank is empty there is no need to tell you what to do. Fill it up and you are good to go. 

How to fix the issue?

Trick 1: cycling the key 

Use this trick when you need to heat up the battery, terminals, and starters. Here is what you need to do: turn the key to the start position repeatedly about 10 times continuously. Now take a 5 minute break. After taking the break, start the engine. If your problem is still not resolved try moving to trick number 2.

Trick 2: Tapping the battery terminals

It is not possible that your battery terminals are clean. So tap on each battery terminal to create better contacting connections. After doing this, trying to start the engine may be your problem is resolved.

Trick 3: shift the shifter

Keep your foot on the brake and move the shift level to the neutral position and try starting the engine. If this doesn’t help move it to ‘park’ and try it again. Moving the shifters sometimes establishes electrical contact inside the transmission range selector which helps you start the car.

Trick 4: Swap relays

Turn the key to the run position and listen for two second buzzing sound. If you are unable to listen to any such sound it means the fuel pump relay is in bad condition or may be on its last time.Now find the location of the fuel pump relay in your car and pull the fuel pump relay straight up. Now locate the other relay with the same part number and swap it with the fuel pump right into the socket. Performing all these tasks, try starting your engine.

Trick 5: Smack the fuel tank

Sometimes smacking the fuel tank can help you start your car. Hit the bottom of your fuel tank several times with your heel of the shoe tu jar the fuel pump motor. This might help you start your vehicle. Hopefully this will solve your car won’t start issue.

Trick 6: Trick your car settings

If your car is still not starting after trying all the above tricks  it can be because of your car setting. Vacuum leakage or funky temperature sensor can start a cold engine. To resolve this issue press the accelerator halfway and try to start the engine. This will give the computer instructions to add more fuel and your problem will be resolved.

In last:

We hope you found the above information helpful and you are able to fix your car now. If this wasn’t helpful to you. And you have issues like my car won’t start and you want to know more about what is the issue with your car and what you can do to fix it. We advise you to take help from expert Advisors, professional mechanics. 

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