What should I look for after collision repair?

We know that waiting for way too long to have a look at your beauty is way too exhausting and exciting. And in that super excitement, you might forget to check and inspect the complete after-detailing of your vehicle. And that’s why we gathered the information about “What should I look for after collision repair?” to help you inspect and check your vehicle properly.

Always remember that the checking and inspection of your vehicle must be done before leaving the shop. The restoration process is done by humans. So even the best auto collision repair shops sometimes can make mistakes. And if you make any claim after picking up the vehicle, that will not be marked as a valid reason. 

Let’s look at the list of things that you need to be careful about if you’re doing the after collision repair vehicle inspection.

Always keep keen eyes over the paint job

The hard truth is that not even a perfect professionals’ paint job can match 100% of the factory paint colours. But still, you need to be very careful while checking the paint job. There are some very important points that you need to remember. First of all, always do the inspection during the daytime and when your vehicle’s out of the shed. Because in the proper light you can look for fake paint marks or perfect colour shade that has been used. Second thing is that you must check for embedded debris, which includes dust and hair. And the third and the most important thing is that you must check for the point where the old paint and new paint meet because you can’t afford the noticeable difference in paint jobs.

The Interior After Collision Repair 

Airbags are the first obvious change that everyone checks and that is important. But apart from that, there are lots of other critical changes that everyone needs to inspect. Like interior dashboards, roof cushioning, seat covers and many other little detailings that keep the interior which makes it look more attractive.

The Exterior Inspection

After all, the first impression of your vehicle is the most important thing that anyone will notice. So the right after collision repair inspection is very important. From panel gaps to the gap between tyres and vendors, you need to be satisfied with all the changes done. The exterior inspection includes vehicle hoods, spoilers, headlights, tail lights, door opening and closing, mirrors fitting, windshields, grills, rims, tyres, wheels and many others. While inspecting keep your safety purpose in mind.

Overall After Collision Repair Inspection

The overall examination of your vehicle represents the engine quality and driving comfort. After all the inspection of the exteriors and interiors of your vehicle, the last important thing is to inspect the heart of your vehicle and that is the engine of the vehicle. You must do the test drive of your vehicle before any paperwork. After driving only you’ll get to know about the working conditions of the engine and the transmission, how the suspension works on bumps and breakers.

After your complete satisfaction only, you should go for paperwork.

We hope that our collected information about “What should I look for after collision repair?” would help you to pick your vehicle after collision repair with complete satisfaction.

Thank you for reading.