Car AC Compressor Cost

Car AC Compressor Cost – Step By Step Guide

It’s really so frustrating when the car AC starts blowing warm air, especially during the summer season. When the heat outside is at its peak and even your car AC stops working due to some unavoidable issues, it is really an intolerable situation. Well, there are several reasons that may lead to the failure of car AC. It includes issues with the evaporator coil, compressor, condenser, etc. Also, the failure may happen because of the lack of refrigerant inside the AC. Here, we will discuss the cost of one of these major components i.e Car AC Compressor. Before the discussion of car AC compressor cost, let’s see why compressors are so important and the factors that affect its cost.

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Functioning of Car AC Compressor

Symptoms of Compressor Failure

Factors Affecting the Car AC Compressor Cost

Actual Cost of Car AC Compressor


Functioning of Car AC Compressor

Each component of car AC is extremely useful in its own way. But the compressor is among those components that are not only essential but on damage, its replacement can cost you hundreds of dollars. 

Basically, the compressor is essential for the smooth functioning of AC as it compresses the refrigerant by reducing its volume which is usually hot due to atmospheric temperature. After this, the compressed gas is passed through a condenser to convert it into liquid form. The heated fluid is later passed through a condenser coil and evaporator coil to eliminate heat. This process continues in a cycle and AC blows cool air.

Symptoms of Compressor Failure

We have already discussed that the compressor is not a cheap component to replace. But sometimes, the failure of the compressor can cause AC damage. So, in order to save thousands of dollars, you must know the signs that help you to know if there is an issue with the car AC compressor or not. Here are a few major symptoms that you shouldn’t avoid:-

Warm Air

If your car AC is pushing warm air outside, failure of the compressor can be the major reason behind it. We already know the functioning of the compressor, how it compresses the refrigerant and helps in blowing cool air. So, it is really important to take your car to the auto repair shop immediately or avoid AC until you fix the issue. You should also know that auto repair shops are the right place for such issues.

There is a major difference between auto repair shops and auto body repair shops. You can look at the difference here in detail.

Unusual Noise from Car AC

Whenever you notice any unusual sound coming out of your AC, it may be because of the damaged compressor. You should not avoid this unusual noise and instantly turn off the AC. Otherwise, it may lead to the burning of internal wires and components of the AC. 

Leakage of Unidentified Fluid

Well, this situation is generally difficult to observe as the leakage of fluid is an internal thing. But if somehow you see a fluid leaking outside, it may happen because of a  failing compressor. There are several fluids inside a car like engine oil, transmission fluid, car engine coolants, etc. The leakage of these fluids is easy to identify in comparison with the fluid inside the AC. Still, if you observe any such issue, take your car to the service station for an in-depth inspection.

Factors Affecting the Car AC Compressor Cost

There are several major factors that affect the cost of a car AC compressor. Some major factors are following:-

Type of Compressor

The first major factor that affects the cost of the AC compressor is its type. There are several types of compressors used in car AC. Some of them are Reciprocating AC compressor, screw compressor, and scroll AC compressor, etc. The best and the most reliable one is the reciprocating compressor. The cost of this compressor is high as compared to other compressors. Well, we will not discuss the types of compressors in detail. But, surely, you should know if you are replacing your car AC compressor due to any reason.

Selection of the Dealer

One of the main factors that determine the car AC compressor cost is the selection of the dealer. If you want reliable and high-quality service, you should take your car to a car agency like Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc, depending on your car brand. They will take a bit more time than usual but you will surely get satisfaction in the long run. 

Another option is to choose an aftermarket dealer to buy a compressor and take your car to the service station. The cost of these dealers is generally lower than original car dealers but you may have to sacrifice the quality too. So, you must choose the dealer wisely according to your need and budget.

Labor Cost

The last major factor that affects the actual cost of an AC compressor is the labor charge. If you don’t know, the labor charges in the United States are roughly around $60-$100/hr depending on the labor skills and experience. So, for an AC compressor replacement, you may have to pay around $200-$300 in total as a labor cost.

Actual Cost of Car AC Compressor

Now, after the discussion of the three major factors that affect the cost of an AC compressor, let’s come to the point and discuss the actual cost that is required for the car AC compressor replacement. The actual cost varies in the price range of $800-$1200 depending on the factors discussed above. Remember, the above-mentioned cost is just a rough idea and the actual cost may vary a little up and down.


It is really not an easy task to maintain your car regularly. There are several things to take care of and there are several components in a car that you might have never heard of. The cost of an AC compressor not only depends on the above factors but also varies with car brands and models. Hopefully, you find relevant information on the Car AC Compressor Cost.

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