Car AC Compressor

Looking for an AC compressor for the car? With great experience in the automotive industry, we are the largest supplier & wholesale trader of AC compressors for sale. Here you will get the best deal on all available brands of compressors for car air conditioners. Our products are more reliable & high in demand due to their premium quality & affordable cost. We also ensure that the delivery of products will be on time at the client location.

We know that the importance of car AC when you drive your car on a long or any local route. The compressor of the air conditioner plays an important role to provide proper cooling. AC removes the heat which presents inside of your car & generates newly cooled & clean air. The compressor in the air conditioner system plays an important role to raise the pressure & generate vapor refrigerant.

The pressure difference is needed for the refrigerant to flow. High-pressure fluids flow towards the lower pressure fluid. Basically, The compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant so that the refrigerant will flow to the lower pressure refrigerant in the evaporator coil. The compressor that is raising the pressure will also increase the temperature. The direction of heat transfer is from a higher temperature substance to a lower temperature substance, the lower temperature being in the evaporator coil and the hotter being in the condenser and the compressor.

In short, The compressor is the power unit of the air-conditioning system that puts the refrigerant under high pressure before it pumps it into the condenser, where it changes from a gas to a liquid. A fully functioning compressor is necessary for the air-conditioning system to provide its peak performance.

Air conditioner compressor for sale

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You may pay a little more for a new AC compressor, but have in mind that you could spend more money after buying a used or remanufactured one. If you get a part directly from any mechanic, you can save on repairing and installing charge of the AC compressor. A remanufactured or used AC compressor can cause not only the failure of the air conditioning system but also your car’s whole system and you may need to replace all the rest parts in the AC system, so don’t look for the AC compressor cost upon the quality.

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Product Specification

Product Name Car AC compressor
Cooling method Air cooling
Motor speed 2000 RPM
Discharge pressure 10 bar
Material Mild steel
Flow rate 1000
Power 5 HP
Voltage 12 V
Condition New
Min order 1

Car AC compressor components

AC compressor clutch & the oil for car air conditioner compressor are two main components that maintain the performance of car ac compressor. Here get detailed information on the car AC compressor components.

AC Compressor Clutch

The AC compressor clutch in the car is used to connect and disconnect drive power to the car’s AC compressor shaft. AC compressor clutch is either transmitting full drive power to the AC compressor or not but it’s not supposed to provide partial power transmission. A slipping AC compressor clutch is a sign of serious wear, shorted clutch coil, or an incorrect air gap (explained later).

AC compressor oil

There are two types of oil in categories commonly used in the compressors that are mineral or synthetic oils. Naphthenic is commonly used miner oil(MO). Synthetic oils such as esters, glycols, and alkylbenzenes (AB) have been used in refrigeration applications for some time without any problem.


What to do when the AC compressor not turning on

If you see that your AC compressor is not turning on or not starting, the first most obvious thing to do is to make sure that the unit is receiving power or not. There is always the possibility that a fuse has been blown or that a breaker has been tripped in the compressor. If the fuses and breakers are fine, you may just have to call an HVAC contractor to check or inspect. If the problem will not be resolved, you can contact our car AC compressor service center. Our team of experts will help you to find out the issue & resolve it on a very high priority.

How can you replace a car AC compressor?

No matter which brand you are using or how well you maintain your air conditioning system, the compressor will eventually need to be replaced. If your air conditioner is having problems continuously and you have narrowed it down to a bad compressor. So you can replace it easily, it’s not super complicated. But you should have some mechanical knowledge of it to navigate through the process.

Things to Do Before Replacing the compressor

You need to familiarize yourself with the ac unit and the functions of its various parts, before starting the AC compressor replacement process. In addition, doing these things will profit you like a smooth changing and re-installation process.

Flush the condenser. Remove as much contaminated oil as possible in the condenser. This will remove waste from this component along with any contaminated AC compressor oil. The AC compressor oil should not have any moisture present.

The accumulator in the AC unit is responsible for drying off the moisture trapped into the AC system. It also stores liquids like compressor oil, coolant, and filters unwanted particles.

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All-in-one convenience kit

Most of our auto AC repair kits include an AC compressor, dryer/receiver, new O-rings, new liquid line, and compressor oil. Imagine buying all those parts and components separately, it will cost high, so save hassle (and plenty of money) with an AC Compressor and Components Kit.

OEM quality, great prices for the worth

All of the parts included with our AC Compressor Kits are made to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. And that's great news for anyone with one eye on the bottom line and another on their car's air conditioning.

Complete inspection

Every AC Compressor Kit has been quality inspected, so you know you're getting the best possible Ac compressor replacement components for your car AC system. It's still a good idea to inspect your AC Compressor Kit when it arrives; this will help you avoid problems with removal or installation.

Product warranty

Due to the commitment of zero tolerance to the quality of the product, there is a very rare chance of occurring any problem with the product. But, if you get any problem with our product informs us, our team of technicians will help you to short out the issue or replace it with the new one.

For more information or want to buy car interior, exterior, or electrical parts included car ac compressor, you can call or contact us. Our team of experts will help you to get the best deal based on the needs.