Best Rocket League Cars

Best Rocket League Cars

Anyone who is in love with the speed, that person is hardly unaware of the movie Fast and Furious. And those people also admire the speed, so think of it as how exciting will be if some game is using that as their theme. Rocket League is doing the same thing, as they are using the plot of the movie along with the supercar and unmatchable visuals. Here’s the list of best rocket league cars and a little more for speed enthusiasts people.

What is Rocket League Cars?

If you look at the theme which is used by Psyonix, the developer of this game, they are the best in their job. They made a hybrid game, for soccer lovers and car lovers. It is famous as a vehicular soccer game. This game is available on all major operating systems, for instance like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. In this game, you have to hit a ball and take it to the destination with the help of cars only. This game has awesome cars, which make it even more exciting and thrilling. The game allows eight players to simultaneously join one server as opposite teams. Both teams consist of four players, and the ultimate goal is to score the maximum number of points.

Let’s have a look at the most thrilling part of the game, which is actually the cars of the game. Here are a detailed introduction to the top rocket league cars.

Best Rocket League Cars


Why this car is the best choice in Rocket League? Because everyone literally loves this car, which is quite obvious. Octane car has the best graphic integration. This car is the first choice of pro players. Also, this is the first car available to the players. This car has the best dribbles and powerful shots and has the best design. The most effective thing about this car is that it is so simple that a new player can also handle it properly as well as this car is a favourite of many pro players. 


This car model in rocket league is the second most popular pick of a player. And that is because of the one main reason, which is when this car hits, this car hits hard. This car has its own perks like clean design and precision. Due to its long body, the presence of this on the ground is quite impressive. The long body design also helps this car in hitting hard shots very smoothly. This car posses the dominant nature of other cars of the same segment. 


Before the launch of this car in the game, it made a very big hype about its performance and design. And when this car completed it launched the process, this car completely fulfils all the expectations of that hype. The special feature of this car is it has a hitbox. Because of the square shape of the car, this car can directly hit the ball in the desired direction very easily. That actually helps you to have full control over your shot, it has better accuracy of hitting the targets.


This car has a great turn speed if we compare it to other rocket league cars. And due to that turn and flexibility of the car, the car’s shooting and passing the ball feature is perfect. The turning radius of the car is awesome, it’s like you can make a u-turn very very fast and even the ground controls of this car is admirable. But because of the drawbacks of this car, this car is at number fourth in our list. This car has a short hitbox and the controlling power of Mantis is quite tough in the air.


If you’re looking for an alternative car for Octane then Marauder is the best option you have. The features of this car are good like it has a wider hit-box, you can also say that it is a bulky version of octane. The design is also fascinating but the drawbacks are something that we can’t ignore in this car. This car has a slower speed and even the boosting power isn’t so strong. An amateur player can find it hard to handle. 


The best handling tag among all the cars in rocket league goes to this car. When you will play the game, this car literally has the best handling. If you are a true game encyclopaedic and do not miss little detailing in the game. Then you can experience the difference in handling. The boost and acceleration of this are also some highlights which can lure you to choose this car. But as we know that every best has some major drawbacks and nothing is perfect. If you’re in-game and is about to make a very sharp turn at a very high speed then you might face some issues in the timing and also the mid-air control is a bit unlikeable. 


As rocket league is like a hybrid game, which I already stated earlier. And Endo is the best hybrid car in the whole game. This car is the perfect mix-up of the Octane and Dominus, in a matter of performance and as well as design. Because of its compact body and slick design, this car has impeccable control while turning at a good speed. We can easily move the car in the mid-air.


The muscle-car of the Rocket League, this car is truly a bench-mark.  The flat and boxy body and the control in the air of Breakout are lovely. As this car posses the quality of a muscle car, the obvious things are the acceleration and handling power. Both the features are rough and tuff. 


No one can deny that Rocket League is a truly fun game for all speed, thrill, target, accuracy, presence of mind and many other things. But the most unique feature of this game is that the graphics and visuals of this game. But all of this is for virtual world enthusiasts, but if you’re facing problems in the real world regarding engines and cars we have also gathered some important topics like the top 11 strongest engines of BMW, choosing used engines for your car, details of LS V8 engines and many others.

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