Why is Body Work so Expensive?

You must be wondering why is bodywork so expensive at auto body repair shops. Even a single scratch or a car dent can be expensive enough that made you think why it happens in the first place. You might find some cheap options too but you may end up compromising the quality and finishing. And you don’t want to take any chances with the bodywork or engine work whether it’s a new engine or a used engine or with any other vehicle work.

There are several reasons for body repair being so costly. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Damage is more intense than it seems

You can’t guess the damage to a car’s body just by looking at it from the outside. Sometimes, it is too complex to remove the dent from the car. Even door handles or trim need to be removed first depending on the position of the dent. The damage may occur on the interior of the body that will surely cost you a fortune.

Advanced Tools and Equipment for Auto Body Work

Auto Body Work needs many advanced tools. Body Work Repair shops need to purchase new tools and equipment because of advancements in the technology of cars. That adds up to your cost for body repair.

Expensive Body Parts 

Generally, the body parts of the cars are extremely costly. You won’t believe it, but replacing the bumpers only can cost you hundreds of bucks. Then the cost of replacing bonnet, doors, or windows is just so frustrating. Some auto body parts need to be transported from different states and countries due to unavailability in specific regions.

High-Priced Paints 

Car Body paints are used to provide the finishing after removing the scratches. It also helps to make your car more shiny and new. But it also costs you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the quality of the paint being used. 

Auto Body Work Experts

One thing you want the most is to get a proper finishing of your damaged part of a car. Auto Body work is an art and the experts in this field will charge you for their quality of work.