Modern classic cars to buy while you can

Buying Modern classic cars needs more research than a brand new car. Although there are many things to keep in mind before buying a car. When it comes to a car it is a bit more fun. Buying a brand new one can be the most fuss-free decision, but its depreciation value is the stumbling block. 

Depreciation in the car’s value is a very significant factor when it comes to the total cost of ownership of the car. A modern car can feel to be similarly affordable with its low running cost as well as ongoing expenditure. When the time comes to sell the car then your finances are going to take a big hit. If the value of your car has fallen significantly. Fortunately, there is a lot of thrill, fun, and classic car choices to buy from in 2021. The prices may fluctuate and climb anyway as the market is forever changing. 

Another thing that makes classic cars more affordable is the fact that they are far more resistant to depreciation. Also, they are collectible and their desirable nature may result in raising their value over time. This means if you are buying a classic car then you can get something rewarding in your hands. Also, its value will not depreciate with respect to time. There is no guarantee of this fact due to the ever-changing landscape of the automotive market. If you do enough research on Modern classic cars then it can become an excellent choice for you.             

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1- Porsche Boxster 986

The Porsche has its engine on the rear axle but like its predecessor 924 which has its engine in the front. In 1996 the Porsche Boxster with mid-engine was launched. Which is not only a proper Boxster but also saved the company from financial ruin. It used to be an awesome sports car on its own. Nowadays it proves to be a great bargain with its cheapest version available for just under $7,000. Rather than researching this low price range, you should spend a few more grand and buy a really good one. Which has a long service history with a genuine seller. 

The low price range also means spotless cars which are under $12k. Also, you will be struggling to buy a better sports car in this price range. Although servicing the Boxster may be expensive, they are really usable due to their luggage space in the rear and front. There is also no replacement for its flat six-cylinder engine and the car has very good handling. 

2- Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 is a very good recommendation for anyone who wants a fun-to-drive car with affordable pricing. The Mazda comes in handy with its great handling, lower weight, the unburstable engine, and also its rear-wheel-drive chassis. The Mazda MX-5 also comes from an era of less complicated and much more fun-to-drive experience. For many buyers, it’s a desirable trait. If you are having 3000 euros in your pocket to spend then you would be able to choose from first, second, and third-generation models. 

3- Honda Insight 

It’s not only Honda’s first hybrid commercial car but also over 20 years old. The way that the automobile industry has moved since its introduction. It has become as important to the automobile market as any other sports car. Its styling is another taste despite the old age of Honda Insight it has a lot of techs that work excellently. Which allows you to achieve a mileage of 70mpg with little or no effort at all. The modern classic doesn’t get much cheaper to run.       

The Honda Insight is also a reliable car. Also, most Insight is running happily with their original battery pack. You need a budget of at least $7,000 for a nice Honda Insight. Also, you will not lose much of its value when it comes to selling the car.

4- Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Romeo GTV offers the rider a combination of attributes. It’s an iconic shape from the ’90s. It’s a car with a good rating from the owners. Which is even now winning the race in the group test. The Alfa Romeo does not rust that easily as many of its contemporary rivals. Even the best thing about this car is that it is affordable. Something like more than 5,000 euros can hand you a seriously nice car of this type. Which may be potentially equipped with Alfa’s sonorous V6 engine. However, its rear seat, as well as boot, is mostly useless. So you can say it to be a 2 by 2 car but its steering wheel gives a thrilling experience. Also, its V6 engine sounds great but the drivers prefer a lighter 2.0-liter-four-cylinder engine.

5- BMW 5 series e39

If refinement is the main thing that you need in your car then BMW 5 series e39 is the perfect choice for you. The price of the e39 is also low as the number of vehicles on the road is also more. The e39 model is still easy to find in the market also with plentiful options. The choice of straight-six or a V8 petrol engine is also available. A 525i model is also a good option, as it may offer the rider plenty of equipment with a six-cylinder petrol engine. This is a less thirsty option than a V8 engine but it can easily provide the rider with plenty of enjoyment.  


Modern Classic cars are a great choice for those who don’t want to burn their cash in the low-rate savings account. The modern classic car offers the opportunity to buy the car without degrading its value. It’s not only limited to the passion of driving, rather your hobby may generate some money for you. Although you need to do some research on the vehicle. Also a thorough inspection of the vehicle before purchasing the car. So that your owned car may not turn up into an aging automobile. The opportunity of buying and gaining money from a classic car is definitely there. Also, the interest of car enthusiasts in these types of cars is one of nostalgia.

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