Protect Your Car From Rats

Protect your car from Rats and Rodents

As we people have the tendency to welcome guests in our house sometimes we also do the same with our car especially if its a new one. family and friends are our everyday counterparts in our car whether it be a road trip or a romantic night drive or just a group of friends visiting a place to have a nice party car is our most favored mode of transport but isn’t everyone is welcomed in the car. Absolutely no one wants rats and rodents in their car because of concerned damage they can cause. Protect your car from Rats and Rodents also make the place unhygienic thus making the situation much worse as someone can get ill or have some kind of disease in his or her body. If anyhow you get into trouble and invited a guest like rats or rodents then here are some tips to avoid being in one of these situations.

Ways to Protect your car from rats and rodents.  

Even you did want to Protect your car from Rats and Rodents as they may chew your vehicle’s wiring and most of the insulation chewed of by them may cause a short circuit leaving you with a dangerous situation in which your car may even burn out due to heavy ignition caused by the short circuit. So here are few ways to protect your car from any type of misconsequences. You can choose the best one that suits you as per your resources, surroundings and of course your vehicle.  

1- Let there be some light in the car-

When it comes to making nests rats and rodents always prefer to be in the area where there is no proper lighting or in the dark especially when they are sleeping. therefore consider keeping open light when parking your car in the garage or parking your car in a place with ample lighting. Keeping your car hood open in the garage with open lighting entering into the hidden crevices of the car interior can discourage the rats as well as rodents from building their nest and living inside the car. During the daytime, you can keep your car open to ensure that enough light is entering your car’s interior. 

2- Keep food away from the car-

Rats and mice are the leaving creatures that require food for survival and also both of them love dog food and other foodstuff lots of which are hidden in the glove compartment, air cleaner, or other vacant in the car. Removing or keeping these things away from your car can help you to sustain your car away from these threads. Those who park their car in the garage or indoor parking space must ensure that no food item is lying around that area which can become an invitation letter for rats and rodents to be in the car.

3- Remove potential hiding places near your car-

If you are parking your car in the garage size the rat-sized entrance into the building and also clean off all the potential hiding and breeding spaces near your car. for example, you should not park your car near the grasses or in the cities where there are no grasses but someone should notice that a dust can or trash should not be present near the parking space.  In short clear, the area around your car can turn into a potential threat for the car or be converted into a sheltering place for the rats.

4- Block the passages to the vehicle-

If you are very confident that you have just found an entryway for the rats and other rodents that they can use to enter the vehicle just mess it up with a seal. It can be very difficult to find an entry point for the rats and rodents as can squeeze through the tiny holes. Hence you can contact a trusted mechanic of yours to find such entry points and just seal them.

5- Peppermint oil-

Rodents have a great sense of smell and didn’t work that well with the peppermint oil hence it’s good advice to use peppermint oil as a mouse detergent. You can put just a few drops of peppermint oil in the cotton ball and put it in strategic locations to repel the rodents to enter your car.

6- Gadgets-

As you can use peppermint as a detergent you can also use electrical gadgets as detergent for mice as well. You can just buy a gadget that vibrates and emanate some sound that only the rodents can hear. such types of gadgets are motion-sensitive and are known to prevent mouse nesting in the car.

7- Mouse Trap-

A really simple and traditional way to Protect your car from Rats and Rodents is to use a mousetrap. You just need to do is to lure a rodent with bait and just trap it. 

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