Top 10 Best Family Hatchbacks Car

A hatchback car has a body configuration with a rear gate that opens up to provide access to cargo space. The traditional family hatchback segment is not a fast-growing one. Still, it is one of the most competitive ones for all the top brands. Also, the best family hatchbacks cost significantly less than the large, heavy, and bulky SUVs and MPVs. Moreover, for most Americans, a hatchback stands for performance, speed, and fun. So here we have compiled a list of the Top 10 best family hatchbacks for your reference. Read on to see which car will best suit your family.

1 Volkswagen Golf – 1st in Best Family Hatchbacks

With Golf Mk8, Volkswagen has regained its place at the top of the family hatchback class. The innovations in current Golf are relatively light. Also, Golf retains its identity as an outstanding off-roader in its class. In addition, the VW Golf is a classic mid-size hatchback with a clearly unmistakable charm and lasting value. The Volkswagen Golf is a compact car that is inexpensive but benefits from outstanding German engineering. Its small four-cylinder turbocharged engine combines efficiency and sportiness. Moreover, it is available with an automatic and manual transmission.

2 Ford Focus

Ford’s new Focus comes with excellent handling and exceptionally flexible and confident driving behavior. There’s plenty of room inside, while an all-new platform and exterior breathed new life into the Ford. Moreover, this fourth-generation model is available with gasoline and diesel engines. The base models use a torsion bar rear suspension with passive dampers. If you hit the highways, maybe the 1st.6 or 2.0-liter diesel would work better. You can even haggle for a powerful 1.0 liter EcoBoost gasoline. 

3 Skoda Octavia

The latest Octavia stays true to its roots by sticking to its traditional strengths: practicality and affordability. In its usual form, the Octavia simply surpasses all competitors in the trunk. Also, the liftback version does not lack space either. This affordable family vehicle comes with lots of space and storage. The Octavia is an excellent car purchase, thanks to Skoda’s reputation for reliability and safety.

4 Hyundai i30

Hyundai has built a reputation for being a responsive, well-equipped, reliable, and affordable automaker. We recommend the 1.4-liter gasoline engine and the 1.6-liter CRDi diesel with 108 hp. The regular model has a wide range of standard equipment and a solid interior and is very easy to use. Also, it has one of the largest trunks of all compact family hatchbacks. The gasoline 4 4T GDI is impressive. The 118-horsepower gasoline engine is a good all-rounder with around 50 mpg horsepower. 

5 Seat Leon – 5th in Best Family Hatchbacks

Seat’s fourth-generation Leon may not be as attractive as its predecessors. This could undermine part of its identity compared to its competitors, the Golf and Skoda Octavia. Its interior is closely related to that of the Golf, looks elegant, and offers a lot of space. The overall functionality is among the best in its class. Leon’s cheaper price point is another advantage over the Golf. Although the 148-horsepower Models do not come with the more elaborate rear suspension of the Golf. However, the newer Leon is still a good hatch. This five-star family hatchback is great to drive, has plenty of space, and is full of the latest features.  

6 Mazda3

The fourth-generation Mazda 3, retains all the qualities that made its predecessor such an attractive competitor in this class. Excellent value for money, agile handling, and other options make it a good choice. It’s quite competitive with premium offerings in the hatchback class. The new generation SkyActiv X engine alternative is more powerful and efficient on a cruise. The Mazda3 stands out from the rest with its impressive interior as well as the responsive engine. It has sporty handling and a sleek design. It is available in 7 trim levels.

7 Audi A3

The fourth generation of the Audi A3 builds on the characteristics that made it successful in the past. It is elegant, classy, ​​comfortable, visually appealing, and extremely safe and stable to drive. Space for a wider range of power units, including mild and plug-in hybrid variants is awesome. Its superior smoothness and performance make the A3 a little more attractive as an off-roader. Most buyers let themselves be seduced by the look, the badge, and the technical impression. It is basically a well-designed car, even if it is certainly not as richly decorated on the inside. In addition, the A3 offers a comfortable and pleasant driving experience, offers space for the family, and a range of powerful petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines.

8 BMW 1 Series

BMW, whose 1 Series hatchback is known to be the only car in its class that has attempted to use a rear-wheel-drive chassis in modern times. The latest 1 Series has lost little and gained a lot in terms of mechanical conventions for shaft drive and motor construction. Handling is clean and safe. There is sufficient body control and driver involvement to set the car apart from most of the competition. It is now much better than its predecessor with a new engine. It has space for the second row of seats and significantly improved luggage space too. A good selection of impressive gasoline and diesel engines is a plus point.

9 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla hatchback is a sporty and practical option for young drivers and commuters. A variety of safety features come as standard, and an available manual transmission ensures a decent drive. The most popular style is the SE CVT. It comes with a 2.0-liter I4 and FWD engine. The Corolla hatchback delivers 32 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway. The Corolla outperforms most family cars on running costs. It comes with a choice of two hybrid powertrains that make driving relaxed and easy, as well as inexpensive. The interior is of superior quality and modern design.

10 Honda Civic – 10th in Best Family Hatchbacks

The Honda Civic is just as eye-catching as its predecessor and is also dynamically better than before. Honda’s new gasoline engines are impressive. It has a solid performance backed by Honda’s reputation for reliability. When it comes to the serious economy, the inexpensive 1.6 iDTEC diesel engine is the ideal model for this car. The Honda Civic 2021 is a classic compact sedan with great fuel economy, strong safety features that too at an affordable price. The Honda Civic is a 5-seater vehicle that is available in 7 trim levels.


So to conclude, these are the Top 10 Best Family Hatchbacks. This list is primarily on the basis of popular choices available. If you are looking to get a car these are things you need to be aware of. Do thorough research about the car that you are planning to buy. Hope you have got all the relevant information. You may also have an interest in the Top 10 Car Brands in the USA, Top 10 Best-selling Cars In Europe, Top 10 Best Electric Sports Cars.

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