Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on a car’s engine

The start-stop technology is an advanced feature. This technology also helps you to reduce your fuel consumption by stopping your car’s engine. When the car is stationary and not performing any task. As in the urban area’s traffic is a great problem because of that people also have to wait sometime in the traffic light or other reason. Also after the car engine is stopped it comes back to life, if the driver is accelerating or simply using the clutch to re-engage the car. So, it comes to mind that is Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on a car’s engine.

Start-Stop Technology working-

There is a computer inside the car like in teslas. However, this computer is less powerful and also somewhat smaller in size than in teslas. Also, this computer performs the simple task of stopping your car’s engine and sometimes starting the engine. This is based on whether the car is in a rest mode or also just accelerating up to gain some momentum. The driver can just sit and relax. The car does it all by itself through its computer. However, the driver can also control the system by pressing the start or the stop button in the dashboard. Also, when the car stops then the engine stops working but all other technology inside the car keeps on working. So, without any further delay let’s also start the topic on Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on a car’s engine.    

Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on car’s engine-

Yes, the start and stop function can also wear the engine, if used very often. To get rid of this type of problem you must also take some preventive measures for your car engine. Also, a normal car is very durable to go through so many starts and stops in its lifetime. However, active or automatic use of the start and stop function can also even cross that big mark. This proves to be a great challenge in the engine wear out and can also put a hole in your pocket. As repairing the engine wear out engine part is really very expensive.     

The component that may also cause this problem is the crankshaft. The work of this part is to spin in the engine compartment. When the engine starts to work. Also, this part is spinning just along with the main bearings that are purely made up of metals. The constant start and stop of the engine also cause pressure in the bearings of the engine. This may give a serious threat to the engine.

The crankshaft and main bearing of the engine are also somewhat separated from each other. Through a small layer of oil that is also pumped in the crankshaft because of the moment of the crankshaft. This process in the engine happens when the car is running. However when the car stops they both touch each other.


The automatic start and stopping of the engine is really very good technology. Also, this technology can save some money for you through lesser fuel consumption. This also helps you to protect the environment and reduces air pollution through your car. Also, the above article carries a detailed report on the topic of Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on car’s engine. We hope this information will benefit you in taking proper care of your car. For further reading, you can refer to What are my A/C pressure readings telling me about my A/C system?, How Much Does a Replacement Jeep Key Cost, What’s the Best Engine to Swap Into the BMW i8?, Miles that BMW i8 can travel an electric and gas engine?.

The start-stop technology is a very advanced feature. So, it comes to mind that Stop-start systems: is there a long-term impact on car’s engine.