How many miles can a BMW i8 go with an electric and gas engine?

If you are going for a very long ride, with your BMW i8. You do not want your car to run out of gas or electricity. This is one of the many benefits of having a BMW i8 hybrid engine, which has both an electric engine and a gas engine. But what if you run out of both the engine’s power supplying mode? Well, let’s discuss how many miles can a BMW i8 go with an electric and gas engine?


The BMW i8 has a hybrid engine, or we can say a plug-in hybrid engine. Well, the company claims that the car can go around 40 km on a single full charge. But after many driving tests, the car experts noticed that it can go only 34 km. But if we talk about the numbers that the company has claimed for the gas engine mileage. The figure has a negligible difference between the claimed mileage and the tested mileage.

It has a 6-speed Steptronic transmission for the petrol engine and a 2-speed automatic transmission for the electric engine. The electric engine gets power through a 34 Ah lithium-ion battery. Earlier before the upgrade, the battery capacity was limited to only 20 Ah. But this is not the biggest upgrade, the company has increased the power of the electric engine from 12 hp to 143 hp. This is a big difference to talk about, therefore here’s another article about the specification of the BMW i8

How many miles can a BMW i8 go?

Well, if we combine both the engine’s capacity of giving the mileage, the distance that a BMW can achieve will be around 600 km. Since we have already discussed the electric range of the car, the gas engine capacity to achieve the maximum distance is 560 km. Being a supercar, it is good. Moreover, the plug-in hybrid engine is what makes the BMW i8 car different from other supercars. 

The highest speed attained by the electric engine in the BMW i8 engine is up to 75 mph. And for the gas engine, the number can go up to 250 km/h.  


So here’s the bonus information about the BMW i8, the plug-in hybrid engine. If we completely fill up the gas tank and also have the complete charge, this car can go from 380 miles to 500 miles.

If we compare this figure with other cars, then it won’t be fair because no other car can do such things as the BMW i8.