What is the role of engine oil in a used engine?

Such as food is important for the human body: engine oil is important for the engine. In the same way as food is the secret of our efficiency engine oil is the secret for engine’s efficiency. The engine oil lubricates the different parts of the engine, which are constantly moving. The engine oil is essential because it results in smooth and long functioning of engine. If there would not be oil in the engine it can cause harm to the engine parts. The energy will be lost through combustion and the friction between mechanical parts causes the engine temperature to rise. The engine oil performs multiple functions such as reducing friction, cooling, sealing, cleaning, etc. The engine oil also acts as a protective Shield to the moving parts of the engine. The engine oil generates a seal between piston rings and the cylinder walls which helps to reduce wear and provide better compression. 

All these things increase the fuel efficiency, and good fuel efficiency is good for your car. As engine oil is very important to engine and engine is the most important part of your vehicle. You should always check that engine oil is in good condition. Make sure that the engine oil is up to the recommended level, it does not smell bad or burnt, etc. You can take your vehicle to the mechanic and get the service done and you would be good to go. The mechanic will take proper care of it.

You should always take your car to the service centre from time to time to maintain the good health of your car. Taking your car to the service centre will help you from the danger of leakage. It is not a big deal that your engine has some leakages. And leakages are dangerous for your engine. you should get them repaired as soon as possible.

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