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Brake Service 101 – Full Information

A brake is a component that reduces movement by energy absorption from a moving vehicle. It is useful to slow down or even stop a moving vehicle. This is simple to achieve through friction. If your car’s brakes are not working properly, the result can be catastrophic. When it comes to staying safe on the road, nothing is more important than your brakes. They not only protect you but everyone around you as well. Here is some brake service 101 to look for in a reputable business so you can get a fair deal.

The brake pad also plays a critical role. Best of all, they’re inexpensive to replace. Knowing the tell-tale signs your brake pads need replacing is important. It can save you even thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle. Anyone with adequate mechanical skills can do some brake servicing, repairs, or part replacements. There are a few basic steps you can take to make sure your brakes are working properly.

Main Function of Brakes

The brakes do not stop the car, they actually stop the wheels from turning. This in turn slows the car down and stops. Modern vehicles make use of disc brakes for braking purposes. Disc brakes consist of a plate-shaped disc attached to each wheel. The brake pads compress this plate disc when there is a need to slow down. Brake pads have mainly two layers. A metal backing and material with high friction. This material gets mold into the backing plate by heat and pressure. This is possible with an adhesive. This adhesive helps the brake pad and caliper withstand high temperatures and excessive heat build-up.

Brake Pads Material

Brake pads consist of a material that can maximize friction. In order to maximize the grip of brake pads on the brake discs, various materials are useful. These materials can withstand higher temperatures and friction. Brake pads have a specific temperature range for optimal braking performance. The original brake pads consist of asbestos. This is a great material for its heat resistance and durability. Manufacturers were looking for alternatives to make a safer product. 

Organic brake pads emerged from a variety of materials and fibers. These mix with binding resins to hold them together. They protect the brake discs and do not require a lot of heat to generate good friction. Metallic brake pads consist of steel, copper, or other metals. As the brake pad is of metal, it produces more brake dust. The newest brake pad on the market is ceramic. Ceramic pads are of dense ceramic material, with copper fiber added during production. As they have the longest life of any brake pad, they can be a great option if you are making long-term investments in your car.

What causes brake pads to wear requiring Brake service

Heat is the biggest enemy of a brake pad is the heat. When the brake pad moves against the brake disc, friction occurs and heat is generated. To dissipate this heat, a car is equipped with various systems to prevent buildup, especially on the front brakes where more action takes place. The brake disc is ventilated so that cooler air is pumped in and distributed on the outer edges of the disc. The more hot air is kept away from the center, the less likely the puck will fade. 

Overheating of the brakes If the vehicle’s brakes are applied continuously when it overheats, the brake fluid can affect the brake calipers and reduce braking ability. This can occur in the following cases: You had to press the brake pedal harder towards the floor. step on the ground without braking will keep you stopping You smell a burning smell while braking Your brakes will start smoking or igniting This is where the best performing brake pads come in While an organic brake pad performs great under standard conditions, only you can decide how you ride. If you need better performance, speak to one of our technicians about which option is best for you. 

Signs When it’s Time For Brake service

Brake pads consist of wear indicators. This is a quite soft piece of metal and rubs on the brake disc. This happens when the friction material on the brake pad subsides. A high-pitched screeching sound comes when the wear indicator touches the brake disc. This indicates that the brake pads need replacement. This is an indication of the friction material on the brake pads wearing out. Also, the remaining metal is now dragging against the brake discs. This will damage the rotors and require replacement. It is generally several hundred dollars more than the cost of replacing a brake pad kit.

Brake Pads Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing the brake pads depends on the type of vehicle and the other work required. If the brake pads wear out the brake discs need replacement. If your brake calipers confiscate, the bill adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Owners typically spend between $ 180 and $ 350 for the replacement of a set of brake pads. If you have the right tools and mechanical knowledge, you can even consider replacing your own brake pads. 


The Brake Service 101 also involves regular maintenance. This will help you avoid the need for brake repairs. Replace the brake fluid after every 20k – 25k miles running. Also, get the cables and pads checked regularly. Always contact your mechanic whenever you encounter a problem. Your owner’s manual will tell you when to check the brake system. You can also do this service every time you change the oil or regular maintenance. Watch out for puddles in your driveway and avoid frequent, sudden stops. There are simple solutions to most braking problems. You may need new brake pads, new brake rotors, or a new hose to repair a hydraulic leak. 


When checking your brakes, make sure that the pads and brake discs are in perfect condition. Also that the brake lines are not leaking. If repairs are the only option, familiarize yourself with the components. This way the job is easily complete. Make an appointment with a professional auto repair shop in case you do not have the time, knowledge, or experience. They ensure that your vehicle is operationally safe and that you are ready to drive again in the shortest possible time. 

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