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Audi Q2 – Full Information

Audi Q2 is a fully automatic transmission car with the most beautiful exterior. That car’s engine power is 1982 cc and that car’s starting price is $41,388. This car is manufactured by Audi with compact luxury. It is a 5 seater and 5 door based fully automatic car. Audi changes and modifies her look and interior per customer choices. It is available with and without sunroof standard or premium models. Audi Q2 increased her store power with the addition of a 2.0 litre TFSI fuel like petrol. Its launched this model in 2016 and that time built her market and sales. 

Audi Q2 is a fully Automatic and technology-based car. Now it is not an electronic car but after some time it will come into the electric cars category. Currently, this is a 2.0 litre petrol engine, not any diesel engine. This model of Audi provides five types of most helpful feature

 such as:

  • It is a fully standard car for pro fractional
  • Audi provides premium models
  • It also modifies premium plus 1 and premium plus 2 model
  • Audi this model is also fully Technology

It provides an MMI infotainment system with a fully Auto control display, clime control, automatic LED lights, and most of the better features like keyless activity. Audi also has multiple safety features like air balloons and alert systems and that feature is most helpful for your safety. It also provides traffic alerts and parking control sensors.  

Some most common Specifications of Audi Q2

Seating Capacity5
NO. of Door4
Fuel TypesPetrol  
Mileage 15.38 kmpl
Safety Rating 5
Drive TrainAWD
Warranty Most of 5 year
Engine capacity 1984 cc
Top speed 228 kmph
Transmission typeAutomatic 
Power and torque 188 bhp & 320 Nm
Length 4,318 mm
Width 1,805 mm
Hight 1,548 mm
Wheelbase 2,593 mm
Ground clearance 144 mm
Boot space 335
Minimum turning circle 0 m ( not provided)  
Fuel tank capacity 55.0

Generation of Audi Q2 Automatic car

Audi changed and modified her interior, exterior, engine capacity, and many features as per users’ choices.

First Generation of Audi Q2

First Generation starting in 2016 of Audi electric cars. In this generation, Audi modified fully automatic with 5 seats and petrol fuel engine capacity of 834 cc. This car is basically based on the MQB platform with a very attractive interior and exterior. Audi Q2 increases audio marketing and sales. That car is designed to be users like the city’s pro faction, it modifies non-animal materials. It made hasline engine    Capacity of 116 hp, 150 hp, and 190 hp. 

Second-generation Audi Q2

Second Generation modified at 2020 of Audi Q2. At this time Audi fully focused on her features like Traffic sensors, parking techniques, or most of the technologies and safety balloons. Audi Q2 was not available in many countries such as the U.S. or Canada. Audi made the most attractive interior and exterior design and seating features. It is a five-seater and four Door based luxury car. At this time Audi made a 150 hp Gasoline engine capacity.    

Feature of Audi Q2   

The Audi Q2 was established in 2016 at a starting price of $41,388. It is available with 5 seating capacity and 4 doors with comfort space. Audi is very compact with 4,318 mm in length, 1,805 mm wearth, and 1,548 mm in height. The Audi is a fully compact Automatic car with a petrol engine and a fuel tank capacity is 55 litre. 

  • Traffic alert sensor available in this car
  • This is a fully automatic car
  • It is also a technology-based car
  • All roadside assistance available in this car
  • Most good looking  interior and exterior
  • It is 5 seater and 4 Doors compact car
  • Power steering available in this model
  • Front power windows adding this car
  • Audi provides an Anti-lock braking system
  • Fully Air conditioner
  • driving Airbag is also available for safety reasons

The exterior design of the Audi Q2  

Audi Q2 exterior is very attractive with 5 seats and 4 doors. It is available in multiple colors such as

  • It is available in ibis white color
  • Nice looking Quantum Grey colors
  • Floret silver metallic colors
  • Mythos black metallic color
  • Daytona grey pearlescent color 
  • Most beautiful color Arabian Blue crystal effect

 All parts are made with non-animal materials and are best body-safe. 

Interior safe of Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is the best design and it mentions the best space between the front and back seats. This car seat is made of very smooth and comfortable material so sitting on this seat feels very comfortable. A sunroof is available to feel vibes. The seating position of both driver and co-driver is in space and comfort. It provides a standard seat, and the best seat covers, it uses fabric cloth covers and perfect steering wheels. 


Audi Q2 is a fully Automatic technology-based car. It provides a diesel engine capacity with 55 L. starting price at $41,388 with 5 seating capacities and 4 Doors. It provides a 5-year warranty for its customers. Best interior and exterior and use the best material for modifying the car’s body.     

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