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Transmission Problems of Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is an SUV that is manufactured by Toyota. It was introduced in 1994 by Toyota and it is debuted in the United States(US) in 1995. It has been in production for five generations till now.  

Due to the SUV compact, the RAV4 has the benefits of an SUV and the SUV compact car. The Toyota RAV4 has so many features like cargo room, 4WD option, alongside excellent fuel economy and maneuverability that make this car unique and different from others. It is one of the highest-rated cars by critics. The reliability of the car really boosts the scores on multiple platforms. But every perfect thing has some problem, therefore Toyota RAV4 has also suffered from some problems that are described briefly in this article. 

Three Common Problems of Toyota RAV4:-

Following are the three common problems that a Toyota RAV4 suffer as described by the critics and manufacturers:-

  1. Powertrain and Transmission Issues
  2. Car Engine Problems
  3. Issues With the Vehicle’s steering

1. Powertrain and Transmission Issues:-

The Toyota RAV4 owners have reported that up to 1,148 powertrain-related problems and are present in most Toyota RAV4 cars. These problems may include automatic transmission issues, transmission solenoid issues, transmission noise issues etc.

There are approximately 354 reports that are related to the Toyota RAV4’s automatic transmission. Many owners reported that their vehicles jerked when they try to accelerate vehicles.

Various owners confirmed that  Toyota RAV4 has a problem with the transmission and the ECM unit which is not a small issue. 

Many RAV4 owners submitted their complaints regarding the problem of the transmission slipping gears without warning and how they badly suffer because of that.

The manufacturers acknowledge the issues of Toyota RAV4 according to the various lawsuits. It has also expanded the warranty on this problem to 10 years for approximately 150,000 miles.

The other commonly reported transmission problem is that the RAV4 has a solenoid. Various RAV4 owners submitted a complaint about a check engine light that is coming on randomly while driving.

The experts tell us that this problem is often a result of a faulty solenoid therefore the manufacturers suggest immediate replacement of it.

Solution and causes of Powertrain and Transmission:-

Following are the transmission and causes of powertrain and the transmission of Toyota RAV4:-

  1. Faulty Needle Roller Bearings
  2. Low or Contaminated Transmission Fluid
  3. Clogged Transmission Fluid Filter

1. Faulty Needle Roller Bearings:- Faulty needle bearings are the components that are used to stop gears in the torque converter from grinding unnecessarily. If the needle bearings didn’t work properly then it could cause grinding noises from your Toyota RAV4.

2. Low or Contaminated Transmission Fluid:- The vehicles that have either a manual transmission or automatic transmission need sufficient and clean transmission fluid for proper functioning. Without any clean transmission fluid, the transmission overheats, and the gears may start slipping or surging out of control which affects the performance of the car.

3. Clogged Transmission Fluid Filter:- The Toyota RAV4 contains a transmission fluid filter that is responsible for cleaning fluid in RAV4. A clogged filter stops the functioning and eventually grinds the transmission that also affects the car.

2. Car Engine Problems:-

The Toyota RAV4 has a problem with consuming an Excess amount of oil while driving. The various owners of the Toyota RAV4 have expressed their frustrations with the vehicle’s excessive consumption of engine oil. Even some owners reported that it exhausts 2-3 quarts of oil in every 800-1,000 miles.

This problem is very common with vehicles north that run more than 90,000 miles on the odometer. This is one of the biggest problems of Toyota RAV4 because it increases the cost of maintaining the vehicle.

Even many RAV4 owners claimed that their check engine lights come on while driving and it usually happens between 10-35 mph. Some owners also claimed that the engine light illuminates and the vehicle seemingly lost power.

There are so many complaints that are related to the Toyota RAV4’s engine exhaust. Various RAV4 owners reported that there is a strong burning odour and exhaust fumes that are coming from emerging from the cabin. This problem is one of the most common problems with pre-2010 Toyota RAV4 models.

Solution and causes of Car Engine Problems:-

Following are the transmission and causes of Car Engine Problems of Toyota RAV4:-

  1. Defective Piston Rings
  2. Worn Out Gaskets
  3. Failed Oxygen Sensor
  4. Loose Fuel Cap
  5. Faulty Catalytic Converter

Therefore it is advisable to take your car to the mechanic for the proper diagnosis and long-lasting results to cure this problem.

3. Issues With the Vehicle’s steering:-

The various owners of RAV4 also suffered from issues regarding the vehicle’s steering. Several RAV4 owners have complained about The ticking sound noises that come from the steering column. This voice is usually listened to by the drivers when they take a turn at low speeds or try to reverse.

Various Toyota RAV4 owners have also reported complaints regarding the outright steering wheel failure while driving, which may lead to serious accidents. The failure mileage was in cars that are above 50,000 miles. This failure is commonly found in the pre-2010 Toyota RAV4 models.

The other most important problem of RAV4  was the power steering light coming on very rapidly. Even so, many owners reported that the steering wheel became incredibly difficult to move in the U-turns and other turns.

Solution and causes of Vehicle’s steering:-

Following are the transmission and causes of Vehicle’s steering:-

  1. Contamination of Power Steering Fluids
  2. Worn Out Steering Belts
  3. Leaking Fluids
  4. Bad Tie Rod Ends
  5. Defective Column Bearing
  6. Faulty Steering Racks
  7. Bad Ball Joints

Driving while having a steering wheel problem is very dangerous as it leads to serious accidents and even serious injuries. So it is strongly advised to take your car to the mechanic if you are facing these issues so that the mechanic inspect the vehicle, give recommendations, and get a lasting solution for your Toyota RAV4 car.


The above tells you about the three common problems of Toyota RAV4 and the reasons and the solutions and causes of that problem.

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