Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Timing Belt Replacement Cost

Your engine has many delicate parts which are essentials for an engine to work properly. Some parts have to replace as soon as possible because if you don’t then it will create more damage to your car’s engine. With these similar properties, there is a part in the engine which is located in the front of the engine, the part is Timing Belt. If you ignore the wearing and tearing of a timing belt then it’ll cost you very much. Know how much does a timing belt replacement cost. And also, what is the function of a timing belt in an engine and why is it necessary to replace it at a specific time.

What is a Timing Belt?

Timing belts are the most important part of an engine, which actually controls the running function of the engine. The timing belt controls the opening and closing of the valves at proper times. It controls the camshafts of an engine. It is made up of hard rubber, which has teeth inside it which actually controls the synchronization between the camshaft and the crankshaft.

The timing belt is the replacement of the chains, in the older vehicle, there were chains that were used to maintain the work between the camshaft and the crankshaft. The chains were not more reliable at that time. The main issue in chains was that they got loose very soon. But when the chains were replaced by rubber timing belts then the life span of timing belts get increased.

What is the function of the timing belts?

As we already mentioned above about the work of a timing belt in an engine. The timing belt helps to maintain the synchronization between the camshaft and crankshaft. But why synchronization is necessary between camshaft and crankshaft? The function of the crankshaft is to move the pistons up and down and the camshaft opens up and closes the valves so that the flow of air doesn’t stop. The synchronization between these two parts is handled by a timing belt and the synchronization do not go properly then it’ll create more damage to the engine.

Indications of the Timing Belt Replacement:

Your engine will start giving indications when the timing belt will need replacement. You will notice misfires and other slips of your timing belt when it’ll start wearing off. Earlier when the chains were used as timing belts then if when chains start losing, it tends to produce a louder sound, which will eventually let you know that your chain timing belt has some issue and now it needs a replacement. But now this with a rubber timing belt you can’t tell the problem like with chain timing belts. If a rubber timing belt is falling then it will be a spontaneous thing. If your timing belt fails then you will start losing power and even your engine will stop producing any power. 

There are several other indications that will let you know that your car’s timing belt needs a replacement now. When it will be time to replace the timing belt, your vehicle will start showing these signs:

Therefore it is very necessary to check your timing belt at a specific period of time.

Lifespan of Timing Belts

The replacement of the timing belts should be done at regular intervals or as of the mileage. You should follow the manual book, the manufacturers often mentions the replacement period for the timing belt. Both the rubber timing belt and the chain timing belt has different replacement and repair periods. Mostly, chain timing belts have frequent replacement periods because chain timing belts lose very fast and sometimes when you ignore it for more time period then it becomes beyond repairable.

But the same issue doesn’t come for the rubber timing belts. Rubber timing belts don’t lose. Rather it becomes slippery and starts losing its grip over the camshaft and crankshaft. The issue arises here when timing belts start losing it’s grip then the function of the engine starts fluctuating. Normally the timing of a timing belt replacement is between 60,000-100,000 miles. But this can figure can fluctuate on the basis of your driving skills. If you are a rough and acceleration thrill driver then you might need to replace your car’s timing belt before the recommended timing. 

Timing Belt Replacement Cost

The replacement of the timing belt depends upon various factors. Because there are various types of timing belts available in the market. Some rubbers used in timing belts are the best of quality and some are cheap. Obviously, you should go for better quality rubber timing belts which will cost you a little more but they will be reliable. The problem with cheap quality rubber timing belts is that they can wear off at any time, you can’t completely put your trust in them.

Also, the labour cost affects the total cost of timing belt replacement. Replacing a timing belt can take up to 7-8 hours, but the timing can go high and low based on which model and type of vehicle you are using.

If you notice your timing belt before it completely get wear off then you can save much of your cost. But if you ignore the repair then the replacement will be mandatory and it will cost much higher. Before your timing belts get completely ruined, the repair cost will be around $500- $1,000 but if you ignore it in starting then, later on, will cost you a fortune like a price will be between $1,500-$2,000. The labour cost will go from $200-$400 if you’re visiting a proper mechanic shop. 


Replacing the mandatory parts at proper timing is the first fact to keep in mind otherwise your vehicle won’t be able to give you proper comfort. If you are taking your car for auto body repairing then they will check and tell you whether it’s time for timing belt replacement or not. And you should check engine maintenance tips so that you don’t miss anything.

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