Audi Transmission

Signs of Audi Transmission Failure

Whenever you feel the transmission problem, never ignore that because it can harm you later and you have to spend more money. That is the reason when you get to know about the Audi transmission failure, just solve that and never ignore that. If you regularly maintain and service your car timely so you can save your car from transmission failure. Let see the sign of transmission failure.

Sign of Audi Transmission Failure 

Burning Smell

Whenever you notice the burning smell so never ignore that it can harm you later and that smell comes because of your transmission is overheated and the fluid can be low and old so never ignore the burning smell just go to your auto repair shop and check your mechanic as it saves your extra money which you waste on your future if you ignore. If you are not maintaining the proper amount of transmission fluid due to this friction will occur and it will take place between components. And the friction results in the breakdown of valuable parts under the hood. And will affect your pocket.

Slipping Gears

If your car gear slips, take it very seriously and go to the mechanic and check them because it is very risky and dangerous while driving. If you are driving your car and your gears become slipping then it can harm you as well and can cause an accident if you are with your family so it is also dangerous for them as well. 

Leaking fluid

This is a very common transmission problem and it is the easiest transmission problem to identify. If you see a red, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your car in the parking place or in the garage. So never ignore this type of indication because it is the indication of leaking fluid. Just call your mechanic and tell them to check the transmission fluid level. It can cause your car to slip as well when your fluid leaks. Commonly it leaks when your malfunctioning seal in the drive shift then your transmission will leak. And the result is that your fluid will be drained due to leakage. 

Refusal to Switch Gears 

If your vehicle struggles to change the gear or refuses to change the gear and most of the time you have faced this type of problem with your transmission system so maybe it is because of the wrong kind of transmission fluid or low level of transmission fluid is the reason to blame this kind of problems.

Neutral Noises

Whenever the weird sound comes from your car when it is in neutral mode then it is a sign of transmission problems. In that case, you need to prepare new transmission oil for your car, or it may be required that you have to change any costly part of your car due to this and call the mechanic.


If your vehicle does not respond when you are trying to change the gear especially from parking to driving then it is the most common problem with your transmission.

Grinding or shaking

It is a very common problem with transmission and it mostly comes in automatic transmission. It happens more when you change the gear from 2nd to 3rd or 4th gear. And it is a strong indication that your vehicle has transmission problems.

Check Engine light

Check engine light on your dashboard indicates a variety of problems. It can be both the minor one or the serious one as well. You make sure that your mechanic checks this well otherwise you will have to pay more for this in the future.

Humming Sounds

Humming sounds, clunking noises, and whining sounds are not good to hear as it is a transmission problem. It irritates the most, check your mechanics when you hear this type of sound in your car. 

Clutch Failure

Most of the time the torque converter’s clutch can wear down over time. Mostly the defective seal causes the problem. And the result is that the clutch gets jammed, or slips. You can solve this by replacing the clutch and you should do this as soon as you get to know about this because it is harmful and dangerous for you and your family. 


If you are facing any of these transmission problems, go and check with your mechanic. Hope you understand the Audi Transmission problem which can harm you later and these are the warning signs when you can resolve the problem in your initial stage.  

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