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Glaring Reason of Ford F-150 Transmission Failure

The Ford F-150 is one of the best trucks to be sold by Ford in multiple places. But it suffers from a lot of reliability issues. It is one of the most popular trucks nowadays. The capacity of the F-150 is superb and the looks are eye-catching. But we must have to look at the dark side before buying the truck. We have to know about the safety concerns, reliability issues, build quality issues, and many more.

You have to know about the problems if you think to buy F-150 or already own it. This article helps you a lot to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Ford F-150.

Problems Of Ford F-150

  • Loss of Power While Driving.
  • Engine Clatters Like A Diesel At Low RPM.
  • Transmission Issues Leading to Rough Shifting.
  • Large Recall Over Faulty Transmission Gear Indicators.
  • Faulty Power Windows.
  • Head Gasket Leak.
  • Problematic Spark Plug.
  • Faulty Airbag Deployment.
  • Unreliable Brakes.
  • Unreliable Touch Screen.

Loss of Power While Driving:-

When you drive and suddenly realize that you have lost the power. This problem causes a huge problem because it directly affects the performance of the car. This problem occurs in Ford F-150 with the 2012 model. It also decreases the selling rate of the Ford F-150 2012 model.

Engine Clatters Like A Diesel At Low RPM:-

While driving a car ticking sounds from the engine creates a big issue while driving the car. Sometimes this sound occurs due to the lack of lubrication, loose components, or many other things. But in the Ford F-150 engine clatters when the diesel is at low RPM. This is the most expensive problem that occurs in most cars and the big reason for their failure. This problem directly affects the performance of the car and decreases the life span of the vehicle.

Transmission Issues Leading to Rough Shifting:-

The transmission issues that we found in Ford F-150 are one of the most common issues that degrade its performance. This is usually in Ford F-150 2015 model. Its transmission issues that lead to rough shifting tend to decrease to selling quantity of the Ford F-150. 

These problems occur after the transmission that leads to the big failure of the Ford F-150. This decreases the ability of the truck and the life span of the vehicle.

Large Recall Over Faulty Transmission Gear Indicators:-

The Ford F-150 contains faulty gear indicators. This occurs due to the large recall order that consists of more than 14,500 trucks and contains an issue with the transmission gear indicator. This transmission done by the engineers is to keep the truck on the same track in place of the regardless position of the shift lever but it backfires over them and highly affects the selling reach of the truck.

This problem hugely decreases the performance and life span of the truck. Good transmission of the Ford F-150 recovers the problem and also increases the performance at a faster rate and speed.

Faulty Power Windows:-

When you decide to go on a long drive in Ford F-150 on a hot summer day and want to roll down the windows to feel the fresh air but suddenly your windows stuck and didn’t roll down due to the faulty power windows of the Ford F-150. This decreases your mood level and you decide to sell the car and not to buy it again. Because power window is one of the most basic features of any car with any model. If a car doesn’t even give a good power window then, of course, it’s not worth buying. So the Ford must need to improve the faulty window that is just a basic car need. 

Head Gasket Leak:-

The head gasket leak is one of the most basic features of the Ford F-150 2014 and 2015 models. This is not that much bigger problem as compared to other problems but this is something that is very basic and every car should avoid these basic problems like this. This decreases the seeling rate of any car because problems like faulty power window and head gasket leak throw a very bad impact on the customer and they don’t feel to buy these type of cars with such basic problems.

The problem of head gasket leak is due to engine issues that cause overheating, overfilling, and dissolving of the gasket coating. This causes the smell of burnt oil and the driver should feel it while driving a car.

Problematic Spark Plug:-

The problem in spark plug causes the major problem while driving the car. It creates a ticking voice and affects the performance of the car and also affects badly the life span of the car. The spark plug breakage problem comes when you don’t maintain your car on a regular basis. A driver usually needs to change the spark club if your car drives at least 10000 miles and above. 

To control this problem Ford F-150 used to change the plugs every 30,000 miles.

Faulty Airbag Deployment:-

The faulty airbags are also one of the basic issues of the Ford F-150. The airbags issue with this model abrupt the deployment of airbags on the driver side. But this problem arises with almost 140,000 trucks.

Unreliable Brakes:-

In Ford F-150 2016 models, the problem of unreliable brakes is one of the major issues. The problems like sliding brakes and brake pedals arise in this car.

Luckily after buying Ford, no one got injured due to this problem.

Unreliable Touch Screen:-

The manufacturers got many complaints about the unreliable Touch screen. The unreliable Touch Screen loses the control of defroster and rearview camera, difficulty in playing media or connecting to other Bluetooth devices. The Ford F-150 2012-2013 suffers from this problem.


All these are the glaring reasons for the Ford F-150 transmission failure. This article helps you to know about the facts that cause the transmission failure of the Ford F-150.

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