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Good Idea to Clean the Engine Bay of Your Car

As we all are addicted to cleaning our car and most of us do that we always clean the outer body of our car but wait what about the internal body of your car wait for some of us also clean that like glove boxes, seating area, dashboard, rearview mirror, transmission lever, windows, etc that goods but what about another area like bonnet (hood)? Where your car engine is located? Many components are located there and without those components and engine your car is nothing so why are we not cleaning that area which is most important. But it is not easy at all to clean the engine bay. It is a little bit tough so now we will share some important tips on how you can clean your engine bay safely and be careful as well. So firstly we should let us know what is the engine bay?

What is the Engine Bay?

In which closure your engine is installed, that closure is called Engine Bay. So whenever you think about cleaning the engine bay you should be very careful while cleaning the engine bay and you should never mess things up.

It depends on the car models where your engine bay is located. Different models have slightly different locations in their car for the engine bay. This means you can not pull any wire here and there because it can harm your pocket later so be careful while doing anything. Whatever you want to do, you have to do it with patience, carefully, and with understanding. You can take the help of car manual assistance but in this case, you should take the help of your professional car mechanic whenever you are doing such things.

Should you clean your engine bay?

The answer is Yes, as we already mentioned in the beginning. As we have seen many times in our car, if we do not clean any area, there will be dust and dirt. The same thing happens with our engine bay where our engine and other components are stored. The dirt and dust are not good for our engine and our components so at some point in time we need to clean it so that our engine and components will last longer.

So there is a question for all of us how we will clean our engine bay without destroying any other part of the car. There is an answer to it as well. There are some steps by following them you can easily clean your engine bay.

Clean Your Engine Bay By Yourself

Many of the car owners prefer to go service center for a car wash or call the mechanic to wash the car but what if you can not go to the service center and can not call the mechanic at home as we all see the lockdown where we can not take this type of service so how you will clean Engine Bay by yourself.

First let you engine cool down

This step is very important because if you skip this and open your bonnet and put your hand into it, it will burn your hand as it is too hot, right? That’s why after driving your car, let cool down your engine and wait for some time after cooling down your engine you can go for the next step.

Ready with your tool and supplies

Now the second step is you should have all the right tools which will help to clean your engine bay.

Tools which you must have for engine bay

  • Protective gear for your hands, eyes and for your mouth as safety comes first
  • Metal wire Brush
  • A water Hose (or having a spray bottle for containing the liquid)
  • A couple of paint brushes of different sizes
  • Microfibre towels(for wiping the excess water)
  • Wrench (removing the battery cables, bolts, etc)
  • Diluted Degreaser (for spraying)
  • A shop vacuum, leaf blower, or compressor (which one should be fine)

These are a few tools you should have while cleaning the engine bay.

Remove all the component connected to the Engine

After cooling down your car bonnet, carefully disconnect all the wires and the components and the battery as well which are connected with the engine. 

Now cover all the electrical parts with plastic so that there will be no chance of shock or fire.

When you unhook and remove all the components and battery from the engine carefully just check one more thing all the liquid reservoirs are tightly closed like the brake fluid, coolant, etc.

And cover distributor cap, filters, coil packs, alternator, spark plugs, etc. with the seal. 

Clean the Engine Bay 

Now after doing the third step and tightly closing the seal now we can go for cleaning the engine bay.

Now just clean the surface area in the engine which is full of dust, grime, dry leaves(if any), grease, dirt with the help of brushes like a leaf blower, shop vacuum, or compressor very carefully.

You can get the dirt in both solid and liquid form. 

Also, clean all the certain parts that are made of metal and aluminum. They require scrubbing them. Because the parts have got stained. You can clean these by using a metal wire brush, you have to be careful by cleaning this and avoid touching any hoses or sensors.

Just clean all the things one by one.

Wet Cleaning

In the fourth step, we have done all the dry-cleaning in the engine bay. Now we will clean those areas with the water and spray all the degreaser in diluted form. Use the warm water for cleaning the engine with a spray bottle. We recommend you use a spray bottle to avoid accidentally pouring the water on the other components or the electrical parts.

Clean the surface by using spray water do this twice for better results and the first time wait for some time 

After doing this use the Microfibre towel to dry the clean surface and clean the surface if any remaining dirt is there. 

Put the Parts Back  

After doing both dry and wet cleaning and drying the surface completely, now it is time to put back all the parts in the engine bay carefully.  


Hope you liked the content and understand all the process and now you will be able to clean your engine bay by yourself if you face any problem read it twice and able to do that.

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