Roof Replacement Cost

Roof Replacement Cost

More often you have already noticed unwanted scratches and dents on your car roof. There could be possibly many reasons due to which your car roof can look wreck and unpleasant. Also, there are many comfort reasons due to which you have to replace your car roof at a certain period of time. Here is the collective information of roof replacement cost, which we hope will help you if you’re replacing your car roof.

Reasons for Roof Replacement

There are plenty of reasons because which replacing a car roof is essential if you own a car. Doesn’t matter whether it’s summer and winter, the car needs protection in every season, know more ways of protecting your car engine in winter. Here’s the list of the reasons for roof replacement:

Natural Causes

The car roof is one thing that actually tolerates all harsh nature. And also, sometimes if your car is parked at some inappropriate place, then the roof has to tolerate some extra unpleasant situation. For instance, sometimes broken trees can also damage your car’s roof, which is quite obvious. And you are very aware of that how much a broken tree branch can damage your car’s roof. If you’re a long ride lover, then riding your car in hot and humid, or heavy rain for too long. Then these natural happenings will leave some marks on the car roof as well. Sometimes the damage can be light and can be repaired but sometimes the damage can be severe and can be beyond repairable so you will have to replace the car roof.

Roof Adhesives

You already know that every glue or adhesives have a limited lifetime. So after some time, the glue on your car roof starts wearing off. If you check your car on regular basis and you can find your car roof glue issue at the proper time. Once you find the issue at right time, then you can repair it but if you ignore the issue, or you don’t check your car on a regular basis. Then the issue can become big and then you will have to replace the car roof.

Roof Ageing

Even the car roof has a specific age, after which it starts looking old. The roof starts losing its shine and also the cushions in the car roof starts being useless. So after a certain period of time, you have to replace your car’s roof to keep it looking new. And, also to keep yourself safe from the harsh nature like sun rays and heavy rains.

Types of roofs

The roof replacement cost depends upon various factors, like how severe damage your car roof has? And which type of roof you have in your car? Here’s the list of the types of roofs.

Convertible Roof Replacement Cost

If you have a car that has a convertible roof, then you might need to pay a high price for roof replacement. Because the convertible has a low build quality so there is a high chance of getting your car roof damage. And even the damage to the panel can cost you very much, because when the panel of your convertible get damages then you will have to replace the car roof.

Sunroof Roof Top

The rooftop which has an open sunroof has glass, and you are aware that glass attracts more scratches than anything. There can be technical issues in the sunroof rooftop because of the presence of a motor in the roof. The motor helps the sunroof to slide in and out according to your need. So if the issue in both glass and motor can be repairable then it’ll not cost so much, but if the issue rises then you need to replace the sunroof.

Targa Top

Targa tops are semi convertible rooftop which can be removed, manually. The main problem with these types of rooftops comes when the width roll gets damaged. When the width roll gets damaged then it can cost you a fortune.

Roof Replacement Cost

The cost of your roof replacement is dependent on many factors which we had already discussed earlier. But if we look at the average cost list for different types of roofs, then the margin in cost has vast differences. 

Labour Cost Affects Roof Replacement Cost

The labour cost also affects the total cost of the roof replacement. If you are taking your car to a known mechanic then, then the mechanic might demand less cost in comparison to others. The average labour cost for roof replacement is from $70-$120. 

Replacement Location

The location of the repair and replacement shop also affects because if you visit a professional mechanic who knows his work properly will do the work more perfectly and effectively. Instead of that if you visit some amateur mechanic who doesn’t know how to replace the roof properly will consume your plenty of time. Also, he will not do the work properly. That is why visiting a professional mechanic is a wise choice.

Replacement parts

The parts of the roof also affect the total cost of replacement of the roof. If you are using a good quality product as your roof then the price will also be good. But if you want a temporary replacement of your car’s roof then the cost will be less. But the drawbacks of the cheap products will make you regret investing in them. The cheap quality product will get damaged very soon and also very easy. The toughness of the low-quality product for your car is very low. 


The total average cost of the replacement for your roof is roughly around $300-$500. The cost will go up as you’ll go up in type and make of car you are using. Also, the product type you’re using for your car’s roof. And the labour type and replacement location you are choosing for your car roof replacement. If you’re taking your car for an auto body repair, they will automatically tell if the roof replacement for your car is needed or not!

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