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Salvage Yard vs Automotive Scrap Yard

Before going through the difference between Salvage yard and Automotive Scrap Yard. Let me explain the meaning of both:

Salvage Yard

The salvage yard is basically a location where the dismantling of the metal has happened like a car, bike, scooter, airplane, and many more things. And their usable parts are often going for resale. The usable parts of these scraps are used in operating vehicles and these metals parts are also known as scrap metal parts. However, these yard in the market is commonly known as a breaker. Where a car salvage yards are called car breakers and a bike breaker yard is known as bike breaker. In the yards, usable parts are directly sold to the customer. While the unusable parts are sold to the metal recycling companies.

Automotive Scrap Yard

The automotive Scrapyard basically means selling a part of the vehicles or material. In simple words, these are the firm that purchases the leftover parts of a vehicle. And these firm generally purchases these services in a large quantity or in bulk.

However, these firm also purchase in small amount but the more quantity a customer has the more decent amount a customer can get. Generally, these firm purchases the material according to the weight and fix a base price of the metal like on aluminum, iron, and copper.

Salvage Yard Vs Automotive Scrap Yard

Salvage Yard and Automotive Scrap Yard have mainly performed the same function. However, there are some differences in both of them and these differences are as follows:

  • In Salvage Yard, the purchases are mainly based on the whole parts. Such as buying a car, scooter, small airplane, bus, and many more scrap material. However, in Automotive Scrap Yard these firm mainly deals in the leftover parts of scrap and deals mainly in bulk.
  • In the Salvage yard, mainly a whole car is purchase and buy-in single quantity as well. Whereas in Automotive Scrap Yard the firm mainly deals in material and these materials should be in bulk. 
  • The prices are based on the condition of the material in Salvage Scrap Yard. Where they check the current condition of the car, Scooter and Bike and set the prices according to its condition. Whereas in Automotive Scrap Yard, the prices are based on the weightage of the material. They have fixed the prices of metal like aluminum, iron, and copper.

Choosing the best between Salvage Yard and Automotive Scrap Yard For Selling Your Scrap 

It is better to know which type is best for selling a scrap. The benefit you can get from both types but in a different way. Let me explain this for you if you are selling your car and bike to the Salvage yard and the material is in good condition. Therefore, you can get a good price for your car and bike. Whereas if the condition of the material is in worst, a customer cannot get a good amount on it. However there is a different way to deal with this problem, all you need to sell your material to an Automotive Scrapyard that does not check the quality of material, the mainly deals according to the weightage.

The Salvage Scrap Yard mainly dismantles the car and sells its part to the Automotive Scrapyard and to other businesses. However, the automotive Scrapyard does not deal with these businesses, they generally deal with the parts of the materials. And mainly if you have bulk in the quantity of material, then you must prefer the Automotive Scrapyard.

Where to buy these Scrap

These Scrap Yards not only buy scrap or material but they also sell these services as well. If you looking for a part of a vehicle than you can visit these Scrap yards. A customer can buy these services at a very cheap rate whereas buying it from a retail store would be very costly.

In some instances, you can even find these scrap in a very good condition or in brand new condition. They have unlimited parts of materials that will make you surprise and help you to choose which is best for you.

What will these Yards do of these Scraps?

A question always arises in the mind of customers that why they store too much of Scraps in their Yard and what did they do of them? 

These yards mainly purchase in bulk and mainly sales in bulk and act as wholesalers. Here they sales their Scraps to recycling companies at a bit higher cost than purchasing. These recycling companies recycle usable parts and make them new materials. All these processes will also help to save the resources of the environment. After the recycling process well done, the material is sent to the retail store which sells these qualities as brand new conditions.

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