Broken Drive Shaft Repair Cost

The driveshaft is a critical component in your vehicle that transfers torque from the transmission to the rear wheels. The driveshaft is also called the propeller shaft. It is a long rod that transmits torque from the transmission to the back wheels. The driveshaft connects the rear differential to the transfer case or transmission of your car. The differential is in charge of transmitting engine power to the rear wheels and shifting the direction of the automobile. So that it can drive side to side rather than only forward and backward. We’ll be discussing how much a Broken Drive Shaft Repair costs. 

Table of Content

  • Some of the symptoms of a bad driveshaft
  • Cost to repair a Broken Driveshaft
  • Conclusion

Some of the symptoms of a bad driveshaft:-


Because the bushings are in charge of keeping the driveshaft from moving or shaking in the first place. The vibrations are mainly caused by worn-out bushings within the driveway. If these bushings wear out, the drive shaft will be destroyed, resulting in higher expenditures. If the problem with the bushings and driveshaft is not addressed soon. The vibrations will become more noticeable and severe, causing passenger discomfort as well as damage to other drivetrain components.

Clunking Noise

When the car accelerates and weird noises or clunking noises come from beneath the hood. It’s a solid sign that the drive shaft is broken. If you hear loud noises when you put your car in reverse or start driving. It’s an indication that your driveshaft is broken and has to be evaluated to determine the overall broken drive shaft repair cost.

Squeaking Noise

A squeaking noise coming from under your car can be very bothersome and cause driving to be disrupted. But if the noise is consistent, this is a definite sign that the shaft is broken and you should investigate. This is an indication that your driveshaft has been damaged, worn down, defective, or is out of balance as a result of excessive wear and strain.

Universal Joint Movement

There is a visible problem with the car’s driveshaft if the U-joint or the drive shaft rotates too fast or does not rotate properly at the right speeds or location. Over time, the bearing seals may have corroded or rusted, or the U-joint may have become unsteady and unstable. In this instance, the drive shaft must be replace or repaired. Because the car is unsafe and unreliable to drive in this state.

Turning Problems

When the car is turning and the wheels do not turn at the correct moment. Or if they pause and wobble while turning, the drive shaft is causing resistance. When you move the wheel, instead of the car turning smoothly, the wheels fight back and hinder a smooth turn. This is a major problem that can make driving on the road extremely dangerous. As the car will not respond as quickly as it normally does, potentially resulting in an accident.

Shuddering While Accelerating

If you feel shuddering or shaking when accelerating from a stop or low speed. It’s possible that you have a worn U-joint or center bearing inside the driveshaft. Strange noises are generally present at the same time.

Cost to repair a Broken Drive Shaft

If only a half-shaft needs to be replaced for a damaged driveshaft repair in the front of the car. The total cost will normally be between $470 and $940. The typical cost of parts is between $320 and $750, with labor costs ranging between $150 and $190. The expense of repairing a broken drive shaft in a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle is substantially higher. In this situation, it may be anywhere between $600 and $2,000 on average.

The overall damage drive shaft repair cost for the Ford F-Series, Nissan Altima, Ford Focus, and Ford Fusion is estimated to be between $476 and $510. The labor costs on these autos range from $68 to $80, with parts costs ranging from $408 to $430. Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla, with prices ranging from $814 to $1010, labor costs ranging from $147 to $160, with parts costing between $667 and $850. The Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, and Honda Civic all have cracked drive shafts that cost between $1000 and $1045 to fix. The labor costs on these autos are relatively modest, ranging between $70 and $80, while the parts cost between $930 and $965.


The driveshaft is an important component of the vehicle. It is essential for a smooth and safe drive, failure might result in an accident. We’ve gone over the signs and symptoms of a faulty drive shaft, which is what’s causing the issues. We’ve also discussed replacing the broken drive shaft repair cost. And how much it will cost in total, including labor charges.

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