BMW Alpina B6 Engine

BMW Alpina B6 Engine – Complete Information

The big dominant player of the automobile industry BMW is famous for the highest standards, comforts, and power. The Alpina B6 Engine from BMW is yet another masterpiece in the segment using advanced technology. It is among the 2nd generation of the top performer grand tourer. The BMW Alpina B6 is based upon the 650i that uses a modified version of the N63 turbocharged V8 engine. The major changes incorporated in the engine include an Alpina block, a forged crankshaft along low compression pistons. 

This engine makes use of BMW’s famous VANOS system, supercharger, and steel Akrapovic exhaust technology along with quad tips for exhaust. The overall result is a better fuel economy along with splendid power. Let’s dive deep to find detailed information on the BMW Alpina B6 Engine. Using the information provided here will help in making wise decisions related to this unique engine from BMW.

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  • BMW Alpina B6 Engine Full Specifications 
  • Different Variants of BMW Alpina B6
  • Common Issues with BMW Alpina B6 Engine
  • Conclusion

BMW Alpina B6 Engine Full Specifications

Powering the BMW Alpina B6 is a potent 4.4 Liter V8 turbo engine. To distribute the power to all of the four wheels the motor pairs with 8-speed automatic transmission. The linear power delivery makes sure that there is no scope for any issues in the performance department. Following specs of the engine make sure that it powers the car without any hassles:

Engine order code: NA

Engine type: Twin Turbo

Displacement: 4.4L / 268

Fuel system: Direct Gasoline injection

Maximum horsepower @ RPM: 600@6000 

Maximum torque @ RPM: 590 @ 3500

Direct injection: Yes

Base engine size: 4.4 liter

Cam-type: Double overhead cam (DOHC)

Cylinder: V8

Horsepower: 591 HP at 6000 RPM

Torque: 590 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm

Turning circle: 39.4 ft

Valve timing: Variable

Valves: 32

Transmission: 8 speed shiftable automatic

Let us now discuss the variants in which the BMW Alpina B6 engine comes.

Different Variants of BMW Alpina B6

BMW Alpina B6 S Model

The B6 S variant is a high performer model of the BMW Alpina B6. The engine can generate a power output of 530 PS with 725 Nm of torque. This increase in power is possible through a change of the variable valve timing on the intake as well as exhaust couple with the install of compressor in the supercharger giving sufficient airflow to the engine in all driving conditions. Also, the fuel economy is not hampering and remains the same as a standard B6. 

BMW Alpina B6 GT3

This model of the Alpina B6 engine had a special design to compete in the FIA GT3 world championship. It comes with an updated version of the 4.4-liter V8 engine generating 530 PS with a torque of 725 Nm. The engine is in pair with an Xtrac manual transmission to operate from the shift paddles placed on the steering column. 

BMW Alpina B6 Edition 50

This model from BMW came into the limelight at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It was a limited production variant of the B6. The BMW Alpina B6 Edition 50 has an updated version of the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine generating a maximum power output of 608 PS at 6,000 rpm and torque of 800 Nm at 3,500 rpm. It became one of the most powerful engines ever built by BMW. 

Common Issues with BMW Alpina B6 Engine

With the addition of newer and advanced technology, new problems also arrive. Although the BMW Alpina B6 Engine is the best in its class it has some common issues that you should know. Following are a few common issues of this engine from BMW:

Fuel Leakage

Fuel leakage is one of the most common issues in high-power engines. It happens due to the breakage of valves or pistons. As the engine has to go through higher temperatures and pressures this generally happens. In addition, the parts of the engine are broken due to which oil starts leaking. This leads to very low efficiency and the power of the BMW engine.

Valve Oil Leakage

The main function of valve covers is to protect oil leakages inside the engine. The engine needs oil for lubrication as well as combustion purposes. Due to excess heat as well as pressure, the valve cover is damaged resulting in leakage of oil.

High Coolant Consumption

As the car engine coolants are an integral part, they are responsible for the proper functioning of engines. These coolants cool down the excessive heat that generates as a result of combustion inside the combustion chamber. Many times due to poor quality coolant or high heat, this coolant consumption becomes higher. As the amount of coolant becomes low, the temperature increases leading to the damage of the engine.

Loose Piston Rings

Pistons are mainly responsible for transferring air/fuel mixture from engine to combustion chamber and vice versa. There are rings in the piston at the start of the piston, in the middle, and at the end of the piston. These piston rings are beneficial to completely seal the combustion chamber in order to prevent gas leakage outside. In due course of time, these piston rings are loosened and require repairing.

Thermostat Issues

As the water pump operates with the aid of power from the engine. In this BMW engine variant, the water pump is operated electrically which helps to prevent engine power loss. The main drawback here is the pump needs to be changed after every 60k miles and this should not be avoided.

In order to prevent the above issues, the proper upkeep of the BMW Alpina B6 engine has to be administered daily. By proper maintenance, most of these issues are prevented. Also, the typical cost of maintenance is decreased as a result of engine care.


To conclude the BMW Alpina B6 is a great car engine to have in your car. As there are different models of this engine there is flexibility in choosing the best one for your particular needs. After discussing the full specifications, the different variants, and the most common issues with the BMW Alpina B6 Engine we are confident that you have got all the required information you are looking for.

Hope that using all this information you will have full insight into the BMW Alpina B6 Engine. This will help you to have the most updated information about this engine that can be used whenever required. For further such reading please refer to BMW Alpina B7 Engine, BMW 840i Engine Model, BMW Active Hybrid 5 Engine – Full Guide.

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