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Ford’s EcoBoost Engine

Ecoboost is an Engine that is very powerful as compared to other engines. It is a turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engine. It is also known as TwinForce (obsolete) EcoBoost SCTi GTDi. The manufacturer of Ford Ecoboost Engine is Ford and was produced in 2009 and is used to date.

Layouts of Ford EcoBoost Engine:- 

Following are the various layouts Ford EcoBoost Engine:- 

  1. Configuration:- It has a configuration of I3, I4 and 60° V6 which makes it Ecoboost and turbocharged.
  2. Displacement:- It has a displacement of V6 3.5: 3456 cc, V6 2.7: 2694 cc, I4 2.3:2261 cc, I4 2.0: 1999 cc, I4 1.6: 1596 cc, I4 1.5: 1500 cc, I3 1.5: 1497 cc, I3 1.0: 955 cc.
  3. Cylinder Bore:- It has a Cylinder bore of V6 3.5: 364 in (925 mm), V6 2.7: 330 in (83mm), I4 2.3: 3.45 in(87.55mm), I4 1.6:3.1 in (79.0mm), I3 .5:3.31 in (84mm), I3 1.0: 2.83 in(71.9mm).
  4. Block Material:- It has a block material of V6 2.7: Compacted Graphite iron I3 1.0: Cast iron except for other engines that have aluminium.
  5. Head material:- Ford EcoBoost Engine has a head material of Aluminium.
  6. Valvetrain:- It has a valvetrain of  DOHC with Direct Acting Mechanical Buckets (DAMB) Variable camshaft timing.
  7. Compression Ratio:-  It has a compression ratio of V6 3.5: 10.0.1(10.5:1MY2017) 14 2.3: 9.5:1, I4 2.0: 10.0.1, I4 1.6: 10.0:1, I3 1.5:9.70:1.

Ecosport 2015-2021 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium Plus BS IV Overview:-

The basic overview of Ecoboost Titanium Plus BSIV that contains EcoBoost Engine:-

  • It gives you a mileage of 18.88kmpl.
  • It has a powerful engine of 999cc.
  • It gives you a horsepower of 123.24bhp.
  • It contains a manual transmission that is operated by the driver to change the gear.
  • It contains a bootstrap of 346-litres.
  • It also contains airbags.

The 1.0L Ecoboost engine is a 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. It is a powerful engine with manual transmission. It is one of the smallest and award-winning in the Ecoboost range.

This Engine was first introduced in 2012 for the models like Focus and C-Max.

The performance of the Ford EcoBoost Engine is very high in the family of a 1.6-litre petrol engine. It has ultra-low friction, high-efficiency, and durable designs and is available on models like 

  • B-Max
  • C-Max
  • Ecosport
  • Fiesta
  • Focus 
  • Transmit Connect
  • Transmit Custom
  • Transmit Courier
  • Mondeo

Common Ford 1.0L EcoBoost Engine Problems:-

The following are the Common Ford 1.0L EcoBoost Engine problems:-

  • EcoBoost Engine loses the engine power and also damages the valves on Higher Mileage. This affects the performance of the car because the driver loses the power of the engine which is usually the biggest problem.
  • It has a feature of direct fuel injection and contains no fuel to clean the carbon naturally that has an intake of valve stems that strictly restricts the airflow.
  • The major problem with these engines is that they suffer from fuel pressure problems that highly affect the performance of the vehicle. This problem is completely resolved if you change the fuel pump.
  • The biggest and most common problem that we find in Ecoboost Engine is that it overheats while driving and due to that we suffer from the problem that car didn’t car properly and this affects the performance and ability of the car.
  • The coolant pipes are made of nylon that are not much helpful for cooling the engines faster and throws bad feedback for this Engine.
  • An FSA (Field service Action)  that was issued in March 2015 shows that the manufacturers changes the pipes of approximately 96% of vehicles which now increases their performance and efficiency.

Replacement of 1L Ford Ecoboost Engine:-

The replacement of the EcoBoost engine is one of the best and efficient ways to increase their performance and ability. These engines are known for their high-efficiency and EcoBoost engine that comes to the market after testing by the experts and gives you a free warranty for better peace of mind. Ford is one of the largest suppliers of the United Kingdom and never takes a chance to degrade the quality of EcoBoost Engine which makes it one of the best Engines with great mileage and horsepower. It also provides the best delivery service if you want to deliver it at your home or at your garage within a couple of days.

Ford EcoBoost Engine Recall:-

In 2018 Ford issued a recall for engines like 1.0L and 1.6L because the number of buyers suffered from serious problems with the overheating of the engine instantly. After the investigation takes place by the BBC United Kingdom, they come to know the fact that approximately hundreds of owners suffer from this problem. Even there are various engines that are lit on fire due to the overheating problem that even leads to the risk of life for their owners. Engine 1.0L and 1.6L  both suffered from different problems. So the Ford needs to recall both the engines.

The Engine 1.0L has a major problem that the coolant pipe is made up of nylon that doesn’t cool the Engine instantly which ends up with the recall of engine 1.0.  

The EcoBoost Engine 1.6L suffers from the overheating problem of the Engine cylinder head that causes the breakage of that head which is quite risky and this is the major cause of the recall of Engine 1.6L. So the further steps are taken by the BCC United kingdom and also by the United State to correct these issues and increase the performance, ability, and efficiency of the engines 1.0L and 1.6L.


Ford EcoBoost Engines are used in Sportscars because they are turbo-charged and high efficient engines produced by Ford. The above article helps you to know about the features, problems and all you want to know about Ford Ecoboost Engines. 

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