What is the difference between diesel engine and gas engines?

The major difference between the diesel engine and gasoline engine is the way the explosion occurs in them. In a gas fuel is mixed with air, then compressed by piston and ignited by spark from spark plugs. And on the other hand in diesel engines the air is compressed first and then the fuel is injected. We recommend you to buy a car which supports diesel engines because diesel is one of the most efficient and energetic fuel available in today’s era. It has a better fuel economy than gasoline. And diesel engines usually are more stronger and require less repairs.

Diesel engine and gas engine have all their functionality different the engine operates in different ways, the fuel is injected in different ways. Which leads into the power output they produce; both of them are capable of producing different power and torque. Diesel engines usually have higher torque but less horsepower. And in the case of gasoline engines horsepower is more than torque. That is why usually sports cars have gasoline engines as they need to move fast. And the normal car and trucks have diesel engines as they have to move heavy loads.

As both of the engines work in a very different way there is a difference in their level of efficiency too. Diesel engines usually have higher fuel economy numbers in comparison to the gasoline engine. This is the result of these engines operating. Gasoline engines have to keep a low compression ratio because they cannot reach self-ignition temperature during the compression stroke because it could cause harm to the engine if any such thing happens. On the other hand diesel engines can compress the air more and have higher compression ratio which gives more efficiency.

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