Does The Transmission Come With The Torque Converter?

Yes, Transmission definitely comes with the Torque converter. You most likely also have a better knowledge of how a clutch works with a manual transmission. A torque converter provides the same purpose in an automatic motor car as a clutch in a manual vehicle – allowing the engine to keep running as the wheels bring to a standstill.

What is Torque?

So torque is the gyratory force that an engine can create. The more torque you have the more energy in the wheels but the less pace you get. However, it does not mean more torque like a slow car. The more torque you have the rapid speeding up but lower speed overall. A torque converter is not connected to the torque of your engine; it just uses the notion of torque which is the gyratory force.

What is Torque Converters?

Simply put, they are the same as a clutch in the manual transmission technique but as you might have taken an idea they are not that easy. They work using lots of energies of physics and their work is quite truthfully beautiful. They put a stop to the car from stalling when it is stopped parallel to the clutch in a manual transmission.

Parts in a Torque Converter

The torque converter is a gathering of several parts and going straight to the working will make things difficult. To make the justification more convenient we will split the parts and learn their working separately then see how they work on the whole to become a fully well-designed torque converter.

Torque Converter Pump

The pump is associated with the exterior of the torque converter which in turn is associated with the flywheel. It moves the liquid present inside the exterior in a direction contradictory to the direction of the exterior rotation.


The turbine powers the output stream and is in attendance in front of the pump closer to the flywheel. It rotates in a contradictory direction to what the liquid is rotating as to soak up the torque and make the output stream move.

Torque Converter Stator

Stator’s job is to ensure the liquid direction is right after it comes out of the turbine. The right direction, in this case, is similar to the direction of the pump. Those were the three big parts that make the torque converter work.

A torque converter is not connected to the torque of your engine; it just uses the notion of torque which is the gyratory force and every transmission comes with the torque converter.