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Engine Problems Seem to Be a Common Thing for the Hyundai Santa Fe’s

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the most popular vehicles for automakers. It has features like Boasting affordability, value, impressive, etc. It is the most appropriate choice for so many consumers. For the past few years, you are able to watch a new side of Santa Fe and the Hyundai has revealed so many serious issues for forcing which questions the reliability of the company.

We know that no car is perfect, but if we are talking about 2018 and 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe we have found the same problems. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) shows that Hyundai has 30 official owner complaints against the 2018 Santa Fe from which approximately 90% of complaints are related to the engine. These issues appeared in May 2018, when the model of Santa Fe just arrived in the market and after this model arrival at the dealerships, and then it continue consistently through 2020. 

The 2019 model of  Hyundai Santa Fe has seen complaints from so many owners. The NHTSA  (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reported that there are approximately 55 complaints and about 16 complaints are related to the engine. There are various issues that have appeared after the Hyundai Santa Fe model was sold and the complaints of this car starting as early as March 2019. Even there are four to five complaints that were reported after the launching of the year of 2019 model. There are 17 complaints that are not even solved and sorted in the 2019 Santa Fe engine systems that are interfering with one another, engine problems hesitate, and others.

Problems of Hyundai Santa Fe:-

Following are the problems of the Hyundai Santa Fe model that occurs in 2019:-

  1. Hesitation
  2. No Sound from Speakers
  3. Engine Shutting Down While Driving (Sensor Issues with the Crankshaft Position )
  4. Stuttering Transmission
  5. Engine Failure
  6. Air Bag Issues
  7. Paint Issues/Paint Coming Off
  8. Fuel Level Sensor and Gauge Malfunction/Failure

1. Hesitation:-

There are many issues reported by the owners which may have transmission issues, particularly hesitation. Even the owners who have traveled approximately 1,000 miles suffer from the same problem. The reports say that the issue SUV gets worse when it comes out of turns or the driver of the SUV tries to accelerate. Some of the owners even say that the hesitation is more pronounced in ECO mode. This 2017 model of Hyundai Santa Fe is very dangerous, eventually when the driver is pulling into traffic or when it stopped randomly in the traffic.

2. No Sound from Speakers:-

The major issue of Hyundai Santa Fe is faulty speakers. The models that are truly affected by these problems include 2008-2009 and 2011 to 2017. This problem is mainly encountered after traveling 50,000 miles. These models of Hyundai are equipped with navigation units that may suddenly stop playing audio from all speakers, including the sound from CD players, navigation, telephone calls, and even the normal radio of cars. To resolve this issue, you need to reset the software.

3. Engine Shutting Down While Driving (Sensor Issues with the Crankshaft Position )

This is one of the most common problems and is found in the 2014 model of Hyundai Santa Fe which suffered from a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Most of the owners submitted complaints that their vehicle would suddenly stop at highway speeds, which is supposed to be very dangerous because it leads to serious accidents. The owners of the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe claimed that the Hyundai has yet a lot to do with those problems.

4. Stuttering Transmission:-

The other and most emerging problem of Hyundai is Stuttering Transmission but this is not a serious problem because it is one of those problems that third-generation cars are known for. The vehicle suddenly shudders when you shift the gear from second to third. Most of the owners of Hyundai Santa Fe also claimed that this problem arises when you start the car and not when it warms up.

5.  Engine Failure:-

Engine failure is one of the most common problems that are claimed by the owners of Santa Fe because about 30% of problems of Santa Fe occur due to Engine failure.

This issue is very dangerous as it leads to serious accidents. You can repair this issue for approximately $3000 to $5000. Even the owners of Hyundai company Submit a report of 2 pages in which he explained that the Engine failure occurs only under certain circumstances but according to the experts’ Engine failure can occur at any time and at any condition.  

6. Air Bag Issues:-

The Hyundai Cars are mostly known for their airbags. The airbag lights problem is generally found in the 2003-2006 and 2010 model years. The airbags of Hyundai Santa Fe are used to address deployment issues and it is used to save the driver from serious accidents, especially when a child is with you while driving.

7. Paint Issues/Paint Coming Off:-

The most common and worst problem of Hyundai Santa Fe is that it suffers from paint issues. The owners of Santa Fe claimed that the paint on the Santa Fe’s peeled on almost all visible surfaces, including the hood, rear windows, and doors which is a very common problem but it reduces the show of the car. The owners suffer from this problem when they travel about 70,000 to 80,0000 miles.

8. Fuel Level Sensor and Gauge Malfunction/Failure:-

The Hyundai Santa Fe suffers from the problem of Fuel level sensor and gauge malfunction or failure. This problem occurs when your car runs approximately about 85000 miles or more than that. The approximate cost used to fix this issue is $500. The Santa Fe model of 2007 suffers from this problem when it runs approximately about 100,000 miles.


The above article tells about the problems that Hyundai Santa Fe suffered from and the models that are really affected by this problem. This article explained the eight major problems of Santa Fe al models.

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