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Car Vacuums – The Complete Guide

Car Maintenance is the most essential thing after purchasing a car. People mostly buy a vehicle and then forget to maintain it properly. Also, the interior of a car requires thorough cleaning and maintenance. This is where Car Vacuums come into the picture. The car vacuum is a simple appliance but holds a lot of power. Before discussing car vacuums let’s see why they are so important and helpful. After analyzing the majority of Car Vacuums available we have prepared a guide that will help you to know more about this incredible Car cleaning device. 

Table of Content

  • Why Do You Require a Car Vacuum
  • Different Types of Car Vacuums
  • How to Properly Vacuum your Car
  • Cost of Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Conclusion

Requirement of Car Vacuums

The purpose of a car vacuum is to make it easier to keep the car clean without the bulkiness and cords associated with a standard domestic vacuum cleaner. Car vacuums give an easy way to keep the car clean, even on the go. Being lightweight and compact makes them easy to carry around. They will fit anywhere and allow you to bring them along for quick cleanups.

When you have the best car vacuum to suit your vehicle, you benefit from everything from clean air to the extended value of the car. It gives your car an instant boost and helps it look and feel the best, but there are several other ways that will help your vehicle out by using your car vacuum on a regular basis.

Different Types of Car Vacuums

There are different models available of the Car Vacuum today:

Cordless Vs. Corded vacuums

The corded types of car vacuums feature a cable, meaning they require a power outlet for working. They have a high power suction and are better at cleaning the dirt, especially the one on the car mats. They’re larger in size than cordless vacuums, which limits their portability. Cordless handhelds come with rechargeable batteries. Their mobility has an increment as it doesn’t require any power plug for a power source. However, the suction power is quite low and even the runtime is short if we compare it to the corded type.

Dry Vac Vs. Wet/Dry

A crucial distinction of vacuums is what they can clean and whatnot. Every vacuum can pick dry dirt, sand, and dust. Some of the vacuums have an added wet and dry capability, which means in addition to debris, they can also handle liquids without issue. So, if your vehicle has drink spills or snow, having the extra wet cleanup ability makes a big difference.

Car Powered

They are handy for those who want to keep the vacuum with them at all times and prevent a lot of mess from getting into the vehicle. They can get connected to the car through the lighter socket, and get the power from the car’s battery for operating. The bonus of this is that it never runs low on power and is always there when required, like straight after a long trip to the beach when there’s plenty of sand to go around it.

Battery Powered

The most popular type of cordless car vacuum and the easiest to move around the vehicle with are battery-powered. Most of these use lithium-ion batteries which can be easily recharged, and you can expect to get 15 minutes of power on average from a single charge. While they do make it easy to clean the car and reach all the tight spaces, you’re in a race against the clock to get the job done before the battery runs out.

Proper Usage of Car Vacuums

To get your car to look like a professional car wash, there are a few very simple steps to follow. Open all of the doors of the car, including the boot, and leave them open for cleaning.

Start with the vacuum brush attachment and work your way through the other parts of the car, starting with seats. The brush will help to stir up dirt that cannot otherwise be reached and will give a deeper clean. Recline the seats to get into the cracks and use the crevice tool to get into the small spaces.

Next, focus on the floorboards of the car and continue using the brush attachment. Move it in different directions to make a few passes over it so you can be sure it’s completely clean.

Attach a small brush so that you can focus on the difficult areas of the car. Move your way through the dashboard to clean all of this area and the electronics. Try moving small brushes to clean the dust and dirt trapped inside.

The added bonus of having the car vacuum cleaner is you can easily spend just a few minutes on the weekend giving it a quick clean and it will give amazing results, saving these more detailed cleans for when you have time. Eventually, the deep cleans require fewer effort thanks to the ongoing commitment to vacuuming the car.

Cost of Car Vacuum Cleaner

There are several major factors that affect the cost of a car vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, it depends on the type of Car Vacuum Cleaner and your requirement you can choose the best one for your car.

The actual cost that is required for the Car Vacuum varies in the price range of $100-$500 depending on the factors discussed above. Remember, the above-mentioned cost is just a rough idea and the actual cost may vary a little up and down.


After going through the above points. It can be concluded that it is not an easy task to maintain your car on a regular basis. You must understand that cleaning a car interior has its great importance. And if you do not know how to clean your car interior then you might have to take your car to the auto repair shops who might charge highly for the service.

Hope you find the relevant information on the various car vacuums and their benefits. Along with using them effectively for maintaining and cleaning your car regularly.

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