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Kia Sorento Problems & Recalls- An In-Depth Look

The Kia Sorento isn’t in a top SUV line, but their owners are not ready to compromise with the durability and performance because they expect the same performance as given by the SUV. The automakers of Kia Sorento are known to provide us most reliable vehicles, but they suffer from certain problems in the model sometimes that create a problem for the owner as well as the maker. 

By looking at the reviews that Edmunds has made we find that there are certain problems with the transmission or engine misfire when you try to drive Kia at 25-30 mph that it stutters back and forth. While accelerating, we suffer from the stuttering problem that is very risky and it degrades the performance of the car. It usually happens when you skip a half-second between shifts on acceleration on the highway which is very risky and leads to serious accidents.

The most interesting thing about manufacturer communications is that no one addresses these engine problems at all so the owner should be aware of that. However, there are many owners who have a list of problems that they are faced in Kia Sorento. Even there are certain problems that are not even curable and just need to be replaced. Many owners of Kia said that these problems even lead to serious accidents sometimes therefore it’s a clear sign that the company hides something that is not even acceptable.

Problems with the Transmission:-

When you ride a car there are two things that need to work properly while riding for a smooth and comfortable ride. The first one is the engine and the second one is the Powertrain. When the transmission or other system components begin to malfunction, the ride goes from normal to out of control very quickly.

The most interesting thing about the manufactures is that they didn’t address anything about the problems which creates a lot of confusion. However there are very automakers who have a long list of troubles and there are so many discussions done by the technicians and other higher-ups that Kia is not a good car for the manufacturers and needs a transmission for it’s better functioning. They don’t even want to talk with the dealers of Kia or they are hiding something which is a sign that something fishy is going to happen.

Problems with Steering and Speed Control:-

Controlling speed is one of the most common problems of Kia Sorento aspect handled by today’s technology. When a part of a car is defective, it decreases the performance, reliability, and durability of the car and leads to a rough ride.

When you ride a Kia Sorento, it leads to a Steering alert after the speed of 55 and the steering of Kia recalibrated 6 times in 4 months. The shifting of steering is very poor at the speed of 35-45 mph. The steering of Kia shifts on and off and this problem leads to serious accidents sometimes and creates various problems while driving the car.

The automaker at least acknowledged that there are certain problems that create different issues when you drive a car which leads to a serious transmission and created various issues in the powertrain. In-Service Bulletin #TSBTRA082_R1, we see that the MIL comes on with DTC P0741.So you need to know that the Kia Sorento needs an update in the EUC. The manufacturers don’t explain the details of that problem and it requires a serious concern to solve those problems so that your car runs smoothly and quickly. The owners of Kia Sorento really want their problems to be solved with less effort and require a way to solve these problems quickly and easily.

Kia blazoned the recall of vehicles formerly recalled for oohing boscage fluid that increased the chance of machine fires, but the company says this time the fix will include enhanced safety measures. The recall affects Kia Optimamid-size cruisers and Kia Sorentomid-size SUVs from the 2013-2015 model time, the NHTSA bared Monday.

To Recall an In-Depth Look:-

Certain vehicles manufactured from July 2013 to October 2015 at Kia’s manufacturing installation in West Point, Ga., have boscage fluid that can blunder inside the hydraulic electronic control unit (HECU). Over time, the leak can beget a short circuit, which increases the threat of a machine cube fire while situated or driving, Kia explained to the NHTSA. Possessors may notice a burning smell or bank coming from the machine, as well as a light advising in the instrument cluster for the anti-lock retardation system.


The above article tells you about the problems of Kia Sorento and how to solve those problems. The recall In-Depth of Kia Sorento And how the manufactures and automakers of this car Said their words about this car.

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