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BMW Headlights Not Working

BMW headlights issues can cost anywhere from $six hundred up to $1500 to restore on the shop. This manual will assist you in apprehending a number of the not unusual place troubles and viable issues you could fix headlights issues can fee everywhere from $600 up to $1500 to restore on the shop. This manual will assist you in apprehending a number of the not unusual place troubles and viable issues you would repair yourself.

BMW Headlights Module is placed properly beneath nearly every headlight housing and the adaptive headlight module is frequently the culprit. It will also be called the Stepper Motor Controller (SMC) or ALC Adaptive Headlight Drive Control Unit Lighting Module. This is called the Stepper Motor Controller – SMC. The controller frequently fails after heavy rain or if you later go through an automobile wash. The fundamental motive why the adaptive module fails is that water shortens the module.

A cracked headlight or an unfastened get admission to door withinside the headlight`s again will permit water to go into the headlight. Because the SMC is at the bottom factor of the headlight, water receives to the module and damages it, triggering the Adaptive Malfunction mistakes message at the dashboard.

If it truly is the case, you may have a fault code saved withinside the AHL module. To update the headlight stepper motor controller, you may want to eliminate the front bumper and the headlight. The module can then get replaced with a used BMW Headlight Adaptive Module. 


This is a listing of feasible signs that you could note wishlist BMW adaptive headlights fail. 

  • Adaptive headlights simplest flip right, headlights simplest flip right, now no longer left.
  • Headlights simplest flip left, headlights simplest flip left, now no longer right.
  • Adaptive headlamp manipulate malfunction message and caution light
  • Warning message: Adaptive headlight manipulates malfunction. Have the gadget checked through your BMW centre
  • The low beam caught off-centre.
  • Greenlight flashing through the headlight switch.

Causes of Headlights not working:-

The maximum not unusual place issues with BMW adaptive headlights are: 

  •  Stepper Motor Controler (SMC).
  • Water/Condensation withinside the headlight.
  • Loose or broken adaptive stepper motor.
  • Failed Adaptive Headlight Module (AHL).


The cars that bodily flip the low/excessive beam projector can break. The stepper motor is positioned within the headlight. It is managed via way of means of the stepper controller module positioned underneath the headlight. The motor itself can fail, or the hyperlink to the low beam projector can fail. 

Repair kits for BMW stepper motor are bought online in case you are seeking to restorative this hassle without changing the headlight. Note that the headlight will want to be eliminated from the auto to restoration restore the stepper motor.

Seal Of Headlight:-

They get entry to the door at the back of the headlight has a seal. When you exchange a headlight bulb, you want to make certain the seal is seated properly. If not, it’ll permit water to go into the headlight and harm the adaptive headlight module. Inspect the again headlight cowl in case you are noticing condensation within the headlight. If water is a gift within the headlight, dispose of the headlight. 

Remove the stepper motor controller and permit it to dry for at least twenty-4 hours. Install the headlight and make certain the headlight is airtight. BMW AHL module will want to get replaced and coded to the vehicle.

Resetting of BMW Adaptive Headlamps:-

To decide why you have become Adaptive Headlight Malfunction, you may study the AHL module`s fault codes. For this step, you’ll want a BMW scanner that may study codes from the AHL module. Generic OBD2 scanners may not help.

Steps of Resetting BMW Adaptive Headlamps:-

Following are the basic steps or procedures of resetting BMW Adaptive Headlamps:-

  1. Plugin the OBD-II scanner into the diagnostic port beneath neath the dashboard.
  2. Turn at the ignition; don`t begin the engine.
  3. Turn at the scanner and choose your BMW chassis. Next, Select the Control Units menu.
  4. Then click on Light Module 2 with the Adaptive Headlight Module.
  5. Once you input the AHL module, you may be capable of doing the following:-
  • Read Codes
  • Clear Codes
  • Perform Adaptations, Activations, Tests

Removing of Adaptive Headlight:-

Even though we might now no longer advise deleting BMW adaptive headlights, we’ve visible many BMW proprietors move headlights, we’ve visible many BMW proprietors move this route. 

To delete BMW adaptive headlights, you want to code the vehicle headlights, you want to code the automobile with NCS Expert on eBay and configure it to suppose that adaptive headlights aren’t installed. 

When that is done, the adaptive headlight features are disabled. Low beams now not move, adaptive excessive beams now not activate automatically.


The above article tells you about the problems of BMW headlights not working and all the information related to that like symptoms, causes, repairing and steps to reset BMW adaptive headlight.

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