School Bus Safety Tips – Tips For Drivers And Students

School buses are the most convenient way for students to go to school. These buses have always been one of the most preferred and common modes of transportation for school children. Parents all across the globe are using the services of school buses to pick and drop their kids for the past few decades. But at the time of getting the services of the school bus, you need to know the various school bus safety tips.

When using school bus services, parents can be assured of their children’s transport and safety. They don’t have to think about their kids’ regular commutes and plan their to-do list according to the school’s timing.

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) explained the advantages of these laws as providing both students and parents with convenience, safety, and protection. These advantages include getting to schools on time, lowering vehicle exhaust emissions, and reducing traffic problems.

Global directions for school bus safety tips

In order to ensure protection and safe transportation for students and relief for parents, the relevant authorities have adopted some safety rules for the school bus on school bus management due to the accidents that occur around them.

List of major school bus safety tips & guideline

  • It is necessary to write “School Bus” in a big size on the front and back of the Bus. Also, if the school authority hires any bus service they need to mention school duty in the front & backside of the bus.
  •  Always check the Horizontal grills properly install with windows to protect children. Also, reliable & strong lock install with the door of the school bus.
  •  The Fire Extinguisher must be available always there on the bus and there also has a First-Aid-Box present with all things every time for emergencies.
  •  The contact number of school & staff is one of the major safety tips you need to check on the bus. This contact is more helpful at the time of any emergency.
  •  There must be an Attendant present every time on the bus with students from the School.
  •  The maximum speed limit for the school bus 40 kph. So always check the school bus driver will not moving their bus more than this speed.
  • The driver must have a valid license to drive LMV-Transport Vehicles of a school cab for a period of at least four years and compulsorily wear a uniform of a light blue shirt, light blue trousers, and black shoes.
  • The bus driver must carry a complete list of the traveling children being ferried in the school cab. Each student has an ID indicating his class, name, blood group, residential address,  route plan, and points of stoppage, etc.
  • In the case of kindergarten students or safety rules for kindergarten, if an authorized person recognized mutually by both the school and parents, does not come to the halting points and such to pick the child.

Road safety tips for students

You should not compromise when it comes to the safety of your children. Teach them about road safety as soon as they’re old enough to get out of the door. Ensure that by practicing it with them, they understand what you are doing.

Here are some road rules and safety tips to teach students.

Aware about signals

When the signal light color is Green, it means ‘go’ and now the vehicles are permitted to move ahead. If the signal color is Red, it is a warning signal to stop the vehicle. When the signal is Yellow, you are supposed to slow down the vehicle as it turns red soon.

Aware of road signs

Identifying the signs is the first and foremost aspect of road safety for everybody. Teachers and parents should be sure that students are aware of all the basic road safety signs before leaving them alone outside.

Don’t run while crossing the road

It is quite common for most children to always run on the home and school premises rather than walking. Teach them how to behave while going through roads and ask them never to run but walk slowly.

Be attentive on the road

Teach them the importance of staying alert and attentive while moving through roads. Also, check both sides when they crossroad, uses Zebra crossing to cross the road.

Don’t stand in a moving bus

Also, educate them while they are in moving cars to follow the rules of road safety. Ask them never to place their hands or heads outside through the window, whether they ride by school bus or car.

Always use sidewalks

Advise students to always make use of the sidewalks when walking on the road. Ask them to stick to the basic rules even when the road is empty or busy, use the side pathways.

Use pedestrian crossing to cross

Instruct children how to cross the road safely for students who walk to school or need to cross the road from the pickup or drop off point of a school bus. They insist that, in all relevant situations, they can cross the road only through a pedestrian crossing.

School bus safety tips for drivers

School bus drivers often work split shifts of morning and afternoon shifts. They hold a very huge responsibility of transportation of the students. The role of drivers might look small but there are a lot of things that drivers must concentrate on. Drivers should follow rules decided for safety.  Here are some safety tips for school bus drivers.

List of school bus safety tips for drivers

  • Usually, drivers follow a strict time schedule, but under no circumstances safety should be sacrificed to maintain the schedule.
  • The driver should be aware well that he represents the school image so he must display a clean personality with good and kind behavior.
  • Don’t rush and leave at the right time to the bus stop.
  • He should concentrate on moving traffic.
  • Pay attention to the traffic and safety measures, do not listen to music players, do not play handheld video games which can lead to distractions and accidents.
  • Never wear a hood while driving as it can make it difficult to hear and see traffic.
  • Before starting the bus to move, ensure that all the children are safely seated before starting the bus.
  • Drivers should be more careful in winter weather, as there comes fog everywhere. It’s hard to see far outside in winters.
  • Be friendly to children but the driver should concentrate more on the road while driving.
  • Stop picking and dropping children.
  • Be prepared to act accordingly during an emergency situation.
  • Deal with the public in a positive, kind, courteous, and respectful manner.


Some School bus safety tips for children and parents as they travel in the school bus, cross the street, wait at the bus stop, and enter and exit the bus. Also some rules and tips for bus and bus drivers as they transport the children. The school bus is the common way for children’s school transportation. Because school buses come on time and they take children’s complete responsibility.

Some Rules are decided for the school authority to follow for safety purposes. School buses should have some indication like School Bus written on all four sides and the best must-have yellow in color. A driver should not drive a bus more than 40 kph. Driver must have a license and in the proper uniform of blue color with mentioned his ID on the shirt. Drivers should not consume alcohol before driving.

Here in this blog, we have shared enough information on school bus safety tips & guidelines. Apart from that, you need to inspect the condition of engines & other parts. If they are using used engines or used transmission for vehicles that must be work in a proper manner.

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