How to change windshield Wipers?

First of all, check the condition of your wipers every 6 months and replace them accordingly once a year. To change the windshield wiper, you need to check the side of the same so you can arrange accordingly. After checking that remove the old windshield to make that place empty, then clean the area where you need to put a new windshield wiper.

Now hold the wiper edge upside down and adjust the hook-shaped bend of the wiper’s arm with the bent top finish of your new wiper. Move the hook on the wiper’s arm over the plastic clasp on your new wiper, at that point pull the wiper upward so the clasp’s edge slides into place. Pull firmly so the whole plastic get together on the new wiper fits properly. Kindly place the arm down against your windshield and check to ensure the sum of the sharp edge contacts the glass.