Voltage regulator

If you are looking for a good and affordable voltage regulator for your vehicle then don’t go back. Getcarsnow deals with the best and quality car parts with an extended guarantee and warranty. You can easily avail parts of your car under one roof. But before buying it you should have complete information regarding it. So let us start with it.

What is the car voltage regulator?

The basic function of the car voltage regulator is to supply the right amount of power to certain parts of your car. And if it is broken the component in your system will work unevenly.

How to measure a voltage regulator?

A multimeter is the best method for measuring a voltage. And you can position the clamps of your multimeter directly on the battery terminals. Positive reads as positive, and negative reads as negative. And you listed voltage, and you should have a little over 12 volts with the car switched off. That’s a battery that’s in decent condition.

And you’ll find that the voltage increases as you get closer to ideal. This shows that the battery is being charged by the alternator. We’re generating 13.8,13.9 volts. So, at this stage, you want to start gradually increasing the engine’s rpm.


Price of the voltage regulator

Basically, a new voltage will cost you nearly about $40 to $140 for a part. And gradually it depends on the model of vehicle whether using OEM or aftermarket parts.

Symptoms of a bad car voltage regulator

Dead battery

The first symptom of the bad regulator is a dead battery. Dead battery won’t allow your car to get started. But after recharging it if the battery will die sooner then there is a problem with the regulator.

Dim lights

The second symptom is dim lights. If the light of your car is dim you are not able to see properly then might be again it is a symptom of the bad regulator.

Engine problem

If a car component fails, you can find that your car's engine sputters or stalls from time to time. It may also have problems accelerating while driving. If you find this issue, you can need to replace your regulator to get the smooth acceleration you're used to.

Instrument cluster stops working

The voltage regulator in a car is expected to control the instrument cluster. If yours isn't working, it's most likely because the regulator has failed. You may be able to start the car, but you won't be able to get many details, such as how fast you're going because the speedometer is broken. As a result, it's best not to drive the car until the regulator has been replaced.

Product specification

Product nameVoltage regulator
Warranty12 months
Supply abilityNegotiable
Quality100% Tested
PackagingNeutral packing
WeightApprox 17kg

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