Sunroof And Convertible Top Motor

As we know a car with a sunroof, appeals to people of any age group. Today also it is a small wish for many people to enjoy their ride in a car with a sunroof. But you don’t have to worry anymore Getcarsnow is here with a great solution. If you wish to buy a sunroof and convertible top motors for your vehicles. Getcarsnow is dealing with the best quality sunroof and other auto parts. You can easily get everything under one roof from the interior to the exterior parts. 

But before buying you should have a complete awareness of what actually is sunroof & top motors.

What is a sunroof and convertible top motor?

A sunroof is basically a type of panel on the roof of a car, that allows air & light to get into a vehicle. It can be manually operated or motor-driven. It is available in various size, shapes & design. There are various types of sunroofs for example pop-up, spoiler, inbuilt, folding, top-mount, solar, panoramic and moon roof.

The convertible top motor helps to adjust (raise or lower) the convertible’s top. The convertible motor operates the pump which is attached to the motor at one end and the fluid storage on the other end. The pump produces a force varying from 300 to 450 ps

sunroof and convertible top motor

Sunroof and convertible motor installation cost

The major factor of Sunroof installation cost totally depends upon the style of sunroof you choose. If you wish to choose an electronic sunroof the cost is much higher because of the complexity of the installation. Probably starting with $1000 to 2000 $. We recommend you to have this job done with the dealership to take advantage of the warranty that comes with the type of installation of a sunroof. And on the other side, the manual is the least expensive to purchase and very easy to install. The manual sunroof is lower than other electronic parts.

The convertible top motor repair cost

An expert will likely basically charge about $1,000 to repair a convertible top motor. Depending on your car make and model and whether or not you have a soft-top or hardtop.

Causes of damage sunroof liner

A car headliner may begin to fall apart for a number of reasons. Impacting the cost of repairing a car roof panel, depending on the nature of the damage and the effects. Let’s look at the key reasons why your car’s roof liner wears out or gets weakened over time


Year after year, wear and tear on the liner will cause destruction to the interior of your vehicle. Imperfections, safety problems, and aesthetic complaints, such as a sagging headliner, are more likely to occur in an older vehicle.


Adhesive, polyurethane, or car glue breaks down over time. Resulting in a sagging roof liner and a broken headliner. If the glue no longer stick. it might be necessary to replace the roof panel on your vehicle.


Leaving your windows down overnight or while driving can cause excess moisture to pool in the headliner's adhesive, particularly if you drive regularly and live in a hot and humid climate. The roof liner can sag significantly as a result of this and will cause expensive replacement cost.

Sunroof Product specifications

Product name Sunroof 
Material Plastic and glass
Car model Pick up, sedan 
Size 750*450mm
Packaging Standard Carton
Supply ability Negotiable 
Weight Approx 12.66 kg 
Operating pressure 12V
Frame colour Grey 
Outward sliding distance 170 mm

Convertible top motor product specification

Product name Convertible top motor 
Condition New 
Colour Silver 
Compatible Audi, BMW
Warranty 1 year 
Packaging Neutral packing 
Supply ability Negotiable
Quality 100% tested by professionals 
TypeStarter assembly 
Size OEM standard

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