Power windows

The power window is the new world’s unsung hero. It’s a device that most of us rely on every day, and it can ruin your entire day when it’s not there. Power windows are windows which are opened and closed by pressing a button, as most of us know. This is a big improvement over car windows that were hand-cranked, but they weren’t always normal.

Power windows and its existence

Power windows came into the existence in the 1940s. They join as a luxury feature in the 1940 Packard 180 series. Although the name of the actual engineer who created them is lost in the mists of time, Packard was the first company to use them in an automobile. It was a hydro-electric system that was used to raise and lower vehicle tops. This was the influence of the first power window.

How does power window regulator work?

While a hydro-electric system was used by early power windows, today’s power windows function quite a bit differently. Now, the mechanism  operates by  the electric motor, linked to several different gears. It’s similar to how a hand-cranked window operates, but instead of you, a motor provides the power.

The window regulator is the device that pushes the window up and down. There are two fundamental types of window regulators: the type of cable (the top image) and the type of gear-drive: (the image below). Each door contains one window regulator. There is no maintenance or modification needed for a window regulator.


Choosing the right power window kit

For most drivers, having to turn the window handle anytime you want to roll your windows up and down can be a hassle. It’s tiring, risky at times, and uncomfortable. More often than not-imagine having to take your hand off the shift knob, then reach for the turn-crank only because you want to take a cool breeze with you. Thankfully, to have the comfort of opening and closing your window by pressing a button, you can upgrade from manual to power windows.

It can be a pain for most drivers to turn the window crank at any time you want to roll your windows up and down. More often than not, it’s tiring, dangerous at times, and awkward-imagine having to take your hand off the shift knob, then reach for the turn-crank only because you want to take a cool breeze with you. Thankfully, you can upgrade from 

Some features to consider when buying a new power window kit are

When purchasing a new power window kit, some features to remember are:

It’s not an easy job to turn to a power window setup, as you have to drill holes and run wires around the interior of your vehicle. Select one that has very straightforward instructions on how to set up the package properly. When installing the new machine, the manual that comes with it should also be able to give you templates and guidance on how to operate the wiring. Make sure that this is not going to mess with the existing wiring setup of your vehicle. Buy a kit that you can quickly install alone, or pick a kit that won’t need you to buy extra parts if you’re planning to hire a mechanic to do so. For example, some aftermarket power window kit providers do not have a wiring harness.

Power window advantages and disadvantages

We know that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages so let’s start with the advantages of the power window. 

Advantages of the power window

  1. As with just one touch, it operates so it is very convenient for the driver to control the window.
  2. It enables people with hand cramps or other physical complications to simply operate the windows.
  3. The master power panel on the front also helps the driver to simultaneously operate all the windows without leaving his seat. If there are kids in the back seat, this function is very useful.

Disadvantages of the power window

  1. Many times, the window regulator, often referred to as the window track, can stop working. This produces a failure in the power window.
  2. Because of a broken motor, a broken cable pulley, or a broken switch, power windows may also stop working.
  3. Worn off window regulators may also be a factor behind a power window that is defective.

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