Oxygen sensor

The sensor is about the size and shape of an explosive connector and flows into the exhaust changeability of the car engine. It determines whether there is much or a small amount of oxygen in the exhaust so that the engine can adjust the volume of fuel in the motor to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Functions of the Oxygen sensor

An oxygen sensor is included in all vehicles manufactured after 1980. It is within the control method for emissions. The O2 sensor forwards data to the management computer in the engine when it works. A functional O2 sensor in your car ensures high performance on your engine. This sensor also monitors your emissions and warns you about excessive emissions. The use of Cel and O2 light will alert the officials to excessive emissions in States with vehicle inspection programmes for emissions regulating. If one or more of your oxygen sensors are defective while your car is inspected for emissions, you probably won’t pass the inspection.

oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor replacement cost

A new oxygen sensor can cost you about $20 to $100. It totally depends on the make of the car. And taking your car to the mechanic to fix the issue can cost you about $200


How Many Oxygen Sensors are in a Car?

Cars with an O2 sensor have at least one sensor in front of the catalytic converter. The actual oxygen sensors for a car vary depending on the year, make, model and engine However, most latest models have four sensors of oxygen. Note four oxygen sensors for the following special vehicles:

Sensors may change according to engine type.

Symptoms of a bad or failing oxygen sensor

If you have a bad or failing oxygen sensor it will have a negative impact on the environment and engine performance, so you have to keep 3 things in mind before your oxygen sensor completely fails.

Check Engine Light comes on

First, you have to check the engine light, the engine light will clarify that you have a bad or failing oxygen sensor. If you see this light come on then contact a professional automotive technician.

Bad gas mileage & smell

The fuel-delivery and fuel-combustion systems would be thrown off if the oxygen sensor fails. Your vehicle's gas mileage would be decreased. If a bad sensor disrupts the air-fuel ratio mixture or if too much fuel is pumped into the engine.

Rough engine and misfire

You may find your vehicle running rough, misfiring, or running irregularly when idling as your oxygen sensor fails. Other engine performance issues, such as loss of control, or stalling, may also be observed. Since the oxygen sensor output controls engine timing, combustion intervals, and the air-to-fuel ratio, a bad sensor can trigger a rough or erratic engine idle, as well as other engine-related issues.


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