Factory/ Vehicle Horn

A factory/vehicle horn is basically a sound-making device used for cars, buses, bicycles etc. It is used to warn people that a vehicle is approaching. Horn is the basic need for the vehicle. It is highly recommended not to take vehicles on the road without a horn or with a damaged horn. 

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What is the significance of the vehicle horn?

Normally, the horn is situated in the centre of the steering wheel. It’s used to alert pedestrians and other drivers to a vehicle’s presence on the lane.

Keep in mind the following:


Vehicle horn replacement cost

The nominal cost for horn replacement is approx between $90 and $150. And labour cost for the replacement is between $65 to $85. This cost is exclusive taxes and fees. Related improvement regarding horn may also be required. Here is the cost of some of the brand. If your brand is not available you can simply contact us.

CarEstimate cost Labour cost Parts cost 
Chevrolet Uplander$96$79$15.58
Toyota Corolla$96$79$15.58
Honda Element$100$79.99$17.98
BMW X5$138$119$19.98

Costs may fluctuate according to the requirement.

How horn replacement is done?

Symptoms to replace the Horn

The horn is an important safety feature. And a horn failure can seriously affect you when it does not allow other cars or footballers to catch the attention.

Product specification

Product name  Car horn 
Speaker design  3 way 
Car make for Universal 
Sound  105dB-118dB
Usage  Vehicle safety 
Colour  Black 
Coil material  Aluminium copper
Voltage  12V
Power ≤108W
Tone high/low

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