Door lock switch

A door lock switch is a device that is used to lock and unlock your car doors from inside the car’s cabin. It is basically found in the door pull or armrest area. The main lock switch can found in the driver’s door panel that permits the driver to lock or unlock all the doors with just a flick of the switch. They have become a standard for modern vehicles that come with a power door locking system.

How Door lock switch work?

It is a rocker, which turns back and forth while your car door is locked and unlocked. After the switch has been turned in a single direction, the power is allowed to enter the door lock so that the door locking mechanism is triggered. Two solenoid terminals receive electricity from the lock switch to lock the door. In order to activate the voltage, the duality is reversed by the switch before the solenoid is supplied.


Symptoms of a bad door lock switch

When a car door lock switch goes bad, it can show a few symptoms. If you see the following symptoms then it’s time to replace that part.

The car door won’t lock

When it is not locked when you press, the most common indication that the lock switch doesn't work. The switch can no longer operate because the power required to trigger the door lock mechanism is not supplied. It is a huge problem to have a door which cannot be locked, which could expose you and your passengers, especially on the road. When the vehicle is driving, you can unintentionally open your car door. To fix this issue, have someone check and repair your switch if it's defective. Make sure the other parts, such as the door lock actuator or wires, are also tested so they don't trigger a problem.

Inconstant door lock

If the door lock of your car sometimes works and it does not work at all, a defective lock switch maybe your suspect. The door lock should obtain the stress required for locking the door and unlocking it. But if the lock switch is broken, this won't happen. The electrical power would not flow to the solenoid door lock. To repair this, the defective part needs to be replaced by a working door lock switch.

Noticeable damage to the door lock switch

How much do you enter and exit your car? If you are aware of the answer, you also use the lock switch in order to lock the car door and unlock it. This frequency usage can speed up wear, tear and visibility of the door lock switch. You would possibly have to repair the switch if you already see that the pieces were missing or destroyed. It's not only difficult to use a broken switch. It won’t even look nice inside your vehicle’s interior.

Product specification

Product name  Door lock switch 
Supply voltage UB 24 V, DC
Current consumption, max. 1,200 mA
Material  Metal 
Fastening type Through-hole mounting 
Type of cable entry  M20 x 1.5
Condition New
Mechanical lifetime  1,000,000 actuation cycles, IEC 60947-5-1
Current consumption 5 mA
Ambient temperature, operation 50 Degree C

Door lock switch replacement

It plays a key role in the protection, although it is a little part of it. You must still be able to lock and unlock your door without any trouble. To ensure this, ensure that you have a replacement lock switch designed to last. Purchase one made from durable materials, so that it can cope with the wear and tear of high-frequency applications.

You should also be able to mount your replacement lock switch on the door lock assembly of your vehicle without difficulty. It should have the same requirements as the installed switch of your factory to ensure that the installation phase is in a short time.

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